Moving To Florida

10 things you need to know before moving to Florida

The Sunshine State is a popular destination for those who want to move to warmer places. In larger cities, such as Orlando, there are plenty of reasons for that. It is very popular among retirees, but Americans of all ages feel the bait from Florida. So, if you are thinking of moving to Florida, here are 10 things you should know before you leave.

Why should you consider moving to Florida in the first place?

Florida offers many perks that attract people to find long distance moving professionals in Miami and move to that state. First of all, there is a climate. Most of the time, days in Florida will be sunny and beautiful. Then there are beaches. Some of the best and most famous ones are located in Sunshine State.

Beach in Florida

There are also some other advantages of moving to Florida, which we will mention in this article

Here are things you need to know about this state

1. Yes, there are many elderly people in Florida

Although Florida is not the state with the highest median age, it is there. This is a popular destination for retirees, partly because of its warm weather and partly because of its retirement tax benefits. This does not mean that young people should abandon the idea of moving to Florida. The state has something to offer people of all ages. In fact, this is a popular destination among students because of its top colleges.

2. There is more to the wild than alligators

Florida alligators get a lot of attention. This is the most dangerous wilderness of the state, which receives the most press. You will hear about the run-away alligators and snakes under the porches much more than you hear – and read – about the egrets and manatees. But if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy exploring the state’s diverse ecosystems and seeing many creatures of the Sunshine State.

3. The party is big but not everywhere

Just as the older scene is not all-over in Florida, the party is not everywhere in the state. Florida’s two stereotypes — a sleepy retirement community and a noisy scene in South Florida — do not provide the most accurate picture of the state as a whole.

4. South Florida and North Florida are quite different

These parts of Florida can sometimes feel different states. South Florida is more diverse and shows more influence from Latin American and Caribbean countries. There is also more nightlife in the southern half of the state. North Florida is home to the state capital and differs in climate from the southern half. You should know that South Florida is experiencing the impact of rising sea levels and other climate change events. North Florida is not so vulnerable to climate change. And one of the best college towns in America is also in that part of the state.

5. You may want to refresh your hurricane safety knowledge if you are moving to Florida

If you are moving to Florida, and especially to South Florida, it would be a good idea to plan your move to Florida in advance and read hurricane safety information and monitor weather warnings during the hurricane season. You may have to protect your windows or shelter in a place without electricity. If you do a little research before the first hurricane season in Florida, it will be easier.

Hurricane on the beach

You don’t want a hurricane to surprise you

6. Tourists are part of life in Florida

Tourists love Florida, regardless of whether they are attracted by the spring break scene in Keys, Disney World, Everglades or Art Deco architecture in Miami Beach. If you are moving to Florida, prepare yourself to cope with the influx of tourists in the more popular time of year to travel to the state. You are likely to encounter a multitude of northeastern inhabitants hiding from the cold winter. Make them feel welcome. They earned some sunshine.

7. Florida has a long history

Florida has a long history, which includes preliminary contacts with local communities, such as the Seminole tribe (still a very large part of Florida’s life) and early Spanish settlements, which you can visit and enjoy. The Spanish settlement of St. Augustine, founded in 1565, is the oldest permanently inhabited European settlement in the continental United States and the oldest city in the country.

8. There is more to nature in Florida than the beach

Now it may seem impossible, but you can get tired of going to the beach – at least for some people. If you find yourself in this predicament, there are many other options for outdoor recreation in Florida. You can take a boat ride in mangroves and in the Everglades. You can travel by foot, kayak, zip-line or by balloon around the state.

9. This is a state of golf

Do you like golf? Think golf courses are whirlpools? In any case, you will be surrounded by golf lovers in Florida. The state boasts a large number of golf courses and holds golf tournaments throughout the year. If you have never played golf before, you can try to follow the links after moving to Florida, at least to see what is at stake.

10. Florida taxes are low

Florida – one of the few states where there is no income tax, and besides, it has a fairly low cost of living. On the other hand, gas taxes in Florida are high, so you can save money by trying to combine errands and live near the place where you study.

Car next to a beach

Therefore, you can enjoy your Florida lifestyle without large expenses

If you are moving to Florida, it is really important to have the right partner for that. There are plenty of websites such as, where you can find the right experts that can help you with your move the best way possible. So, learn everything about the Sunshine State, get professional help and start enjoying your Florida life right away.