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3 reasons why Florida graduates are moving to California

After graduating from college, many people consider moving to another city, country, or even continent. They do it for many reasons – to find a higher-paying job, to find a job with better working conditions, etc. Some even move because they want to start fresh somewhere completely new. That is the case with Florida graduates. Believe it or not, but most of them are moving to California! And, why? Well, if you want to find out the answer to that question, keep on reading as we will share with you 3 reasons why Florida graduates are moving to California.

1. Continuing Education is Why Florida Graduates are Moving to California

It goes without saying that Florida too offers some great colleges and universities. However, one of the three reasons why Florida graduates are moving to California is because California offers some great post-graduate programs suitable for those who want to ‘build-up’ their degrees. On top of that, California is great for those who also want to expand their knowledge, work on their skills, and gain experience – all of that thanks to many internship programs.

Moreover, doing some of these has never been easier. Since many people are post-graduates who need to work for a living, they can do so and attend lectures later in the afternoon or at night as most programs offer that. You can do whatever you need to do during the day and focus on your studies at night. However, if you are in a hurry, or you need help, consider hiring a moving agency like to help you ease this transition.

A college student graduating prior to discovering the reason why Florida graduates are moving to California
One of the three reasons why Florida students are moving to California is the ability to continue their education and work at the same time.

2. Booming Economy and Many Job Possibilities

And, maybe one of the most important reasons why Florida graduates are moving to California right after graduating from college, is the ability to find a job instantly.

The economy in Florida is rather limited. That is, finding a job is possible only within a few industries like hospitality and tourism. California, on the other hand, has a booming economy and many job openings in almost all industries and all fields. Thus, whatever skills you may have, be sure that you will find a job position that requires them. With that promise and the ability to move there easily, that is, to enjoy the process with a reliable crew, who wouldn’t want to move there?

But, finding a job in some industries is easier than in others. For example, some of the most developed industries in California are agriculture, technology, education, and sports.

A man putting on a tie.
Finding a job in California is easy – just make sure your CV is well-written and you are prepared to ace those interview questions.

3. The Weather is Fantastic And There is Plenty to Do on Days Off

Okay, both Florida and California are known for having fantastic, sunny weather all year long. And, the weather itself is not the reason to move from Florida after graduation. But, what makes California slightly more interesting than Florida are all those fun activities you can do on your weekends and days off. There truly is something for everybody!

On the beach, you can enjoy water sports or just sunbathing. Or, if you are still drawn by parties, you can also go to a beach party (they are everywhere). Adrenaline-rush activities also attract tons of tourists and locals. But, whatever you do, make sure you visit California’s iconic cities. Cities like LA, San Francisco, and San Diego are one of a kind. These are just some of the fun things you can do here. But, the truth is, fun is whenever you turn in California and that is why many Florida graduates are moving to California.