A Group Of Students Sitting On The Stairs And Discussing The Best Activities For Students In Durham

5 activities for students in Durham, NH

Students in Durham have it easy. There is plenty to do and explore there. Of course, your studies need to be a priority but you won’t be studying all day long, every day. You need to take days off or just make some breaks. In that time you can explore everything New Hampshire can offer you and especially Durham, the city you are in. If you are just moving there, we will also try to help you with that task because moving from a family home and starting your new life in a different place can be quite scary. Yet, with these top activities for students in Durham, your adaptation period will be short and easy.

TripAdvisor can help students in Durham to have fun

New generations rely on their phones and apps mainly and you should too. When researching a new place and fun stuff to do there TripAdvisor can get you started and show you some great places. We recommend you begin with tourist attractions first. They are called that way for a reason and you should explore them for a day. Then you can start by getting to know the locals. They will be able to tell you more about great activities for students in Durham but we will talk more about that later. Here is a fun fact for you – Durham is one of the best college towns in the USA.

For chill afternoons

Here are 5 activities for students in Durham you need to do when you want to do something fun but still relax. Visit amazing farms in Durham like Emery or Wagon Hill farm. You can even bring your dog there. Now for the five activities there: hiking along the water (for the ones that find this relaxing), picking your own blueberries, strawberries, or pumpkins depending on the season, enjoying amazing food, and visiting cute and fuzzy farm animals.

For nature lovers

Many students like to spend their days outside. Especially when the weather is nice. Luckily Durham can offer you a lot of outdoor activities. Here is a list of the best things we found for you :

  • Durham Town Landing & Old Landing Park – this is a charming park and historical landmark
  • Adams Point – for the ones looking for wildlife areas this is the place
  • John Hatch Park At Wiswall Falls – this is the best path for hikers
A group of students on a picnic
Outdoor activities are the best.

Fun indoor activities you can do with your friends

Durham is not only about outdoor activities. There is plenty of fun places you can explore when the weather is not-so-great. Main Street Makery is the perfect place for the artsy crowd. If you are wondering is there any nightlife in Durham – the answer is yes there is! Libby’s bar is a hotspot for singles at night and you should also check out Mollusk Tree. If you are attending the University of New Hampshire in Durham, that beautiful campus is also full of some great entertainment and you will be able to get to know better your classmates.

Road trip – to the beach

If you have a weekend off and it’s summer, you need to go on a road trip! After all, the distance between Durhan and the famous Hampton Beach is only 17 miles. That can be a perfect opportunity to enjoy spring break with the rest of the crew or chill during hot summer days. If you live in Durham, then this is a great and adventurous activity you need to do. But before you are able to do all that fun stuff you need to move into your college apartment first.

running on a beach
Beach is always a good idea!

Living in Durham

Because of the famous University, you will have a lot of students to befriend. But this city is a great place overall. Many young families choose it to be their forever home. After living there for some time you will see just how charming it could be. Luckily for you, this is a pretty safe place with low crime rates, and knowing that you will sleep much better. Especially if you just moved in. If you are about to relocate to Durham we need to talk more about getting you there. Surely you know that you can call Fit 2 Move to help you, but there is more than that.

Moving to Durham

Ok, you know that hiring professional movers to transport all your belongings is the easiest way to get there right? But did you know that movers can do so much more than that? For example, they can pack all those household items you chose to bring with you. People actually need movers the most after they relocate. Surely that sounds strange to you right now but just think about how tired you will be after you arrive and you will have to unpack everything and settle in before you start your new life. They can help you to settle in with ease and the most important of all it will be much quicker!

A man lying under moving boxes
Packing can be pretty hard.

Adapting to your new life and meeting other students in Durham

As soon as you are done unpacking and settling in you will be able to start exploring your new neighborhood. That means finding new friends there. Make sure to get to know some locals. They will be able to show you more great activities you can do in your spare time. Locals will know all about hidden gems in the neighborhood.

If you are feeling homesick

You should know that this is a possibility. Most people feel very homesick when they first move out of a family home and start their life alone. But as long as you stay in touch with your family and start meeting new people in Durham you will be just fine and that feeling in your stomach will go away. This will be your new home.