A View Of Denver.

5 Reasons why college students love Denver

Denver has some of the best educational institutions like the University of Denver, Regis University and the University of Colorado Boulder. Without a doubt, in all of those, you will receive a top-notch education that will prepare you for your future career. But, studying there implies moving there, right? Of course! But, do not worry, that is nothing you should stress about! And, why? Because living in Denver as a college student is easy, and moving there is even easier. We are also here to help you out. So, if you plan on moving to Denver to start your studies, be sure to read this. Here are 5 great reasons why college students love Denver! Keep on reading.

1. Renting Will Not Come With a Hefty Price Tag

This may be one of the top reasons why college students love Denver! Nobody likes spending all their money on rent, especially college students who are trying to live their best life while barely making ends meet. So, if budgeting was your biggest concern, worry no more. Renting apartments or houses in Denver will not come with a hefty price tag. On average, you would need between $1,000 – $1,300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, or around $2,100 per month for a two-bedroom apartment (if you plan on living with a roommate). As you can see, the prices are much lower when compared to other metropolitan cities in the States. So, keep that in mind, and start looking for moving services for small households as soon as possible! The sooner you book your moving agency the bigger the discount you will get. 

While on the subject of budgeting, it is also worth mentioning that not only rent prices but also all other prices do not come with the hefty price tag! Those usually include – utilities, groceries, eating out, nights out, etc. What can be better than that? Nothing really! And, that is another reason why college students love Denver.

A piggy bank because affordable prices is why college students love Denver

College students love Denver as it helps them save money! They do not have to pressure their piggy bank.

2. Plenty of Recreational Activities

Did you know that the city of Denver is 1 mile above sea level? Do you know what that means? Mountains, mountains, mountains! Of course, here you can enjoy all four seasons, but everyone in Denver says that winters are somehow that much spectacular and magical than the other three seasons. If you are a sporty, outdoorsy and adventurous type of person, you will fall in love with Denver. But, even if you are an indoorsy person, trust us, in Denver, you will stay fit despite studying all day long.

Approximately, there are around 300 days of pure sunshine which you can spend cycling, running, hiking, etc. And, when that magical winter comes, you can spend those snowy days skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and whatever makes you feel great. Living here will definitely make you more fit, and not to mention, a lot healthier! When in Denver, you can even relocate in a hurry but without stress when knowing what is waiting for you.  That is another reason why college students love Denver. 

3. Beer Industry is Booming

There is something about beer that we all love and appreciate. If you agree with that, you will love Denver. And, let us say just one thing at the beginning, Colorado and its capital, Denver, are soo much more than Coors. Yes, Coors, is a mega brewery and the number one selling beer all over the state, but there is soo much more to the beer industry than that. Microbreweries are opening everywhere. And, some of them are actually created by the college students themselves! You can try crafts beer in pretty much any bar or pub.

But, the reason why college students love Denver is that it gives them the opportunity to enjoy a can of beer outside, while camping, picnicking, or just enjoying one of those spectacular sunset views. So, even if you are in Denver for a short period of time, or just visiting, make sure to go to a local pub and try a craft beer.

Glasses of Beer.

Beer and mountain views somehow go very well together! Give it a try, you will not regret it.

4. Denver is a Melting Pot of Nations

Because Denver is soo amazing, it is slowly but steadily becoming a melting pot of nations! Yes, the city is quite diverse. Believe it or not, but there are actually 145 different languages spoken in Denver at this very moment. This is because many students come here to study, fall in love with the city and actually stay there for good. Or, because the economy is booming and there are job openings that constantly attract talents from all over the world which also makes finding a job right after graduating college quite easy. Either way, this city treats its residents well and that is why college students love Denver.

While studying there, you will be able to meet different students from countries like Spain, Vietnam, Norway, Ireland, etc. You will get an opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, and simply different people. If this is something you like, call homegrownmoving.com and start planning for your move.

Two people drinking coffee.

Who knows, maybe you will meet a friend or a partner for life in Denver!

5. Each Season Comes With a Change

As mentioned before, Denver has all four seasons. But, when we say that each season comes with a change, we do not talk about the weather. Yes, weather conditions vary, depending on the season, but what is more interesting is that each season comes with different activities, opportunities, and chances. There are different festivals, manifestations, and even parties for each period of the year. Change is constant and none of your days will ever be the same. If you ever experienced this feeling, then you know that change (in this case) can bring you a happier and more fulfilling life. Is there a better way to spend your college days? Not really! And, that is why college students love Denver! So, find a way to get a student discount when moving and start packing your bags.