Types Of Roommates In College

5 types of roommates you will meet in college

Oh, that sweet college life! They call it the best times of your life. Time to explore, to take risks, to live life to the fullest. You feel so independent and free! But, keep the enthusiasm low. You still haven’t met your roommate! Throughout your college life, your will encounter so many different roommates. And not all will be very happy to meet you. There are so many types of roommates that it’s really just a stroke of luck finding the right one. In this blog, we have taught you a lot of things. For instance, now you know what are the different types of student accommodation. You also already know how to avoid common mistakes on moving day. But, when it comes to roommates… Who knows what will you find?

People come in all shapes and sizes. And although you already know what to do when you move in with someone new, you can’t always choose who will be your roommate. And that can sometimes have a huge impact on your life in college. Sharing a room or a flat with someone you don’t get along with can be pretty tiring. So, just like everything else when it comes to college moving, the key is to be prepared. So, what types of roommates are waiting for you out there? Let’s see!

  1. The roommate that has no boundaries

We all come from different backgrounds and were raised differently. That is why merging your habits with someone you are not familiar with can be very hard. The biggest parts of our habits and

types of roommates in college

What if they want to drink and you just want to be alone?

behaviors come from our parents. We aren’t even aware that is how we act until someone points that to us. That is why, when it comes to types of roommates, this one is particularly difficult. This usually happens when someone comes from big family. Although have in mind, this isn’t always the case. They like to share, to take yours and give their own. Also, they might listen to your private conversations and tell you about their problems. When it comes to revealing things about themselves, they have no problem with that. If you had a fight with your significant other, they will know about it. Hey, they might even bring a six pack to help you though. But if that’s not your cup of tea… This might be too much for you.

2. Of all the different types of roommates… I got the one that doesn’t clean!

Well, it would be easy for us to say that this almost never happens. But that would be a lie. This almost always happens. And if your roommate cleans more than you… Well, he might think you are the problem. Keeping the space you share together in an adequate state isn’t always going to be easy. But, it has to be done. If you never lived alone until one, you might feel overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time. Make up a schedule and try to stick to it. If you don’t have enough time, make priorities. Cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes and throwing out trash should always be in the top three. If there are so many types of roommates, you don’t have to be the bad one.

3. The one that is always there

We have had our fair share of different types of roommates, but this just might be the most common one. The issue with this type is that they won’t leave. It doesn’t matter if they have a lot of classes, part time jobs… They somehow always manage to stay in the apartment. After a while, you start catching their pattern and their lack of people to spend time with or activities to do. The problem with that they are usually not equipped to handle subtle feedback regarding their behavior. If you are waiting for them to change on their own, they won’t. If you think they will understand the situation and act accordingly… You are mistaken. The only thing you can do is have an open conversation about the issue. Still, it might not solve the problem, but you can at least try.

If you are waiting for them to change on their own, they won’t. If you think they will understand the situation and act accordingly… You are mistaken. If you try to socialize them with your friends’ group, it’s going to be awkward and embarrassing. The on;y thing you can do is have an open conversation about the issue. Still, it might not solve the problem, but you can at least try.

4. When it comes to different types of roommates, don’t forget the party animal.

They didn’t come to college to study. Their goal is obvious and they are not hiding it. They want to enjoy the time spent there to the fullest.

types of rommates in college

What if you just wanted to take a nap and this is in your living room?

And they know that partying is the best way to do it. Usually, they realize that they won’t make it to the end of their studies, so they try to do the best with the time they have. Usually, it’s difficult to reason with them and explain that you just need some peace and quiet. When it comes to peer pressure they are the experts. The parties they throw don’t always have to be wild, but they will be often. There will always be someone at your place, hungover or preparing to be wasted. When it comes to cleaning up, they would complain about their headache and the party that was sick… They won’t clean up the mess by themselves.

5. The one that can’t communicate

When it comes to types of roommates, this one is by far the most aggressive one. Regardless of what bothers they will not simply speak up. On the contrary, they will use methods like cold shoulder, being passive – aggressive, rolling their eyes… In no universe, they will consider simply stating what they have a problem with. They expect you to know that and to act accordingly. When you don’t do that they will be mean and vindictive.