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6 places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most

Getting used to a job after college is one of the most difficult things to do in life! New environment, new tasks, new concerns to face. Everything is different and more complicated! And that’s not even taking into account starting a life (and family) of your own! This is why the decision of where you start your efforts towards making your dreams come true is very important. We have taken the liberty of choosing 6 places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most as a way to help you take those first steps!

First on our list of the places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most is Alexandria

Alexandria is one of the most popular choices when it comes to a place to start your new life! Rich in history and beautiful scenery, this independent city will capture your heart! Its bustling economy also makes it an ideal place to start looking for a job, or maybe even start a business of your own. If you are a history buff and love nature to boot this might be an ideal place for you! Alexandria has excellent moving companies, as well, and be it storage or moving services the teams in the area can help you make the move smoothly and without stress! It should be noted, however, that the prosperity of the area does come with a slight downside: the cost of living is overall higher than average for the state. The good news, though, is that healthcare and utility prices are actually lower!

A view of Alexandria, one of the places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most.
Alexandria offers some truly amazing scenery too!

Arlington is an excellent choice for young graduates

Perhaps the most important part of starting your new life is finding a job! Well, Arlington has your back, with its many job opportunities and a bustling economy, Arlington boasts the lowest unemployment rates in Virginia. In addition, Arlington offers robust nightlife and low crime rates! For the more family-oriented young professionals looking to the future, the schools Arlington offers consistently provide top results, ensuring your children would have an excellent education. Again, though, you might find that the average housing cost is somewhat higher than the state average. You might, therefore, consider taking up a loan to make the purchase of your first home.

Fairfax is next on our list of 6 places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most

For those focused on starting a family, this city might be the ideal choice! Fairfax offers a truly staggering array of activities and places to visit, from sports and outdoor leisure to the many little restaurants and coffee shops. Crime rates are low, the public schools are among the top very rated. All of this, along with a thriving economy, is what makes Fairfax such a great choice. Following the trend, this city, too, has higher housing costs, so it is a good idea to hire a realtor when looking for your new home – they can help you get the best price!

A good choice for young graduates could be Gainesville

For those who adore culture and history, especially the civil war era, Gainesville is the place for you! The place offers some truly amazing museums, all within easy reach of the city or in the city itself! Still, this doesn’t mean that Gainesville has been left behind in the past. On the contrary, it continues to thrive and grow in spectacular fashion. It has sprawling neighborhoods and truly amazing public schools and preschools. An excellent choice for both the business and family-minded fresh graduates, Gainesville is also more affordable than the previous cities on our list! Even though it primarily offers family homes, there are still plenty of smaller accommodations available as well.

Gainesville scenery
Gainesville can be a truly stunning place to live!

Next up on our list of 6 places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most is Warrenton

Some graduates might be drawn to a more rural community instead of a bustling metropolis, however, and boy do we have an excellent choice for you! Warrenton is a charming little town with a population of around ten thousand people! With an absolutely amazing farmer’s market and more traditional homes, it gives an immediate downtown feeling! Warrenton also offers easy access to parks, rivers, and some truly stunning trails. This isn’t to say that the town doesn’t offer employment and entertainer opportunities comparable to the other options we’ve listed! On the contrary, Warrenton has a bustling economy, with plenty of restaurants and other places to visit. In addition, this town is definitely the cheapest option on our list, making it a good choice for first-time homebuyers. And if you’re worried about moving there, don’t be! Zippy Shell DMV covers entire Northern Virginia with its excellent services.

Warrenton walking track.
Warrenton nature walks will take your breath away!

Loudon County could be the right choice for you

Loudon County is often cited as the richest and fastest growing county in the United States! As such, it is an excellent choice for any young graduate looking to make a good start for themselves. It should be noted that the average earning and the standard of living are higher than average. This does, however, come with a downside. The cost of living is increased as well, making it more difficult to get on your feet when starting out. Still, to avoid giving such a broad suggestion as an entire county, we have narrowed it down to three cities:

  • Ashburn: Originally known as Farmville (heh!), Ashburn has built itself into a major internet hub with its many data centers. Its bustling economy and access to high tech facilities make it an excellent choice! It is, however, quite expensive to live and purchase a home in for the reasons we’ve already mentioned.
  • Sterling: With its many parks, coffee shops and restaurants, as well as public schools, Sterling is an excellent choice for family-oriented graduates. It is, however, only slightly cheaper than Ashburn.
  • Leesburg: With many of the same advantages offered by Ashburn and Sterling, Leesburg is yet more affordable than either of them.

This concludes our list of 6 places in Northern Virginia graduates will enjoy most! What are you looking for as your starting point? Will you focus on building a family or a career first? Do you enjoy a more rural community or do you want a dense urban feel to your home? All of these are questions you need to ask yourself before you reach the ultimate decision of where you should build a life for yourself now that you have graduated college!