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6 reasons why Philadelphia students choose to live off-campus

Although we can all agree that the ideal picture of a student in the USA involves on-campus living, some prefer it the other way. Why? You’re about to find out. Living off-campus is not so unpopular as one would imagine. Especially in Philadelphia, the sixth largest town in the US. Also known as the city of neighborhoods, it’s home to a large student population. It’s also one of the hippest towns in the US at this very moment. Young people from all over the country are flocking to Philadelphia. Most of them are looking to get a quality education. Read the article below to find out why Philadelphia students choose to live off-campus during the school year.

1. Personal living space

One of the reasons why Philadelphia students choose to live off-campus these days is that it offers more living space. Living off-campus provides students with more options than living on-campus. Campus dorms usually offer standardized small rooms while even the one-room apartment off-campus can give you the much-needed sense of personal freedom. Although you’ll probably need a roommate, it’s still the cozier option. In any case, at least you get to pick your roommate. It even doesn’t have to be a college student. It may be someone you’re good friends with. That’s probably the best scenario. Just compare your typical dorm room with the picture below. You see the difference, right? You surely do.

A typical arrangement of personal belongings in an apartment
It looks way better than your average dorm room. More living space is one of the reasons why Philadelphia students choose to live off-campus.

2. No strict rules

This also has something to do with personal freedom. Dorms usually have certain rules you are obligated to follow. Let’s name an example. Although dorm guest policies may differ from campus to campus, in most of the dorms you’ll have to alert your hall director you’re having a guest over. Talking about some freedom, right? Since school shootings are tragically a thing these days, campus rules have never been stricter. You can easily see why it can be a problem for some students. Young people, namely students, want freedom, and creating your own guest policy is something they surely see as an advantage of off-campus living. As some psychological studies suggest – personal independence is crucial to their well-being. But you already know that, right?

3. Great packing services in the area

Now, this one may seem a little off-topic at first. But, if you think about it thoroughly you get a totally different picture. Moving from one apartment to another is something most students living off-campus will have to endure. That’s almost never easy. Before you move, you have to pack your personal belongings, making sure they don’t get damaged in the process. You can, of course, do it yourself. On the other side, we’d suggest you hire professionals. You ask why? Well, let’s just say Philly is known throughout the country to have a quality packers scene. You can easily find assistance for this task, there’s no need to worry. If you’re a soon-to-be student living off-campus this information will do you very well in the long run. You’ll get used to moving.

A couple of boxes during the moving process
Philly moving providers are well-known for their quality packing services. As a student living off-campus, you’ll get used to frequent moving.

4. Some dorms close during the breaks

Although it’s not always the case, most dorms close during the breaks. Students are obligated to vacate their rooms. If you’re living off-campus you clearly don’t have to worry about this. Even if you choose to go home during the break you can hold on to your apartment by paying some portion of the rent during the time you’re away.

5. Labor-only moving crews

Since college students value personal independence, do-it-yourself methods, and affordable services this option addresses their needs fully. As we have mentioned earlier, Philly is quite renowned for its moving providers. College students mostly choose the labor-only option. We all know the story. Moving is really stressful. Off-campus moving can cost you time, money, and a couple of grey hairs. But, wait a minute. Not in Philly, where trained crews can give you a hand. It’s pretty safe to say that students in Philadelphia chose to live off-campus because of the city’s own moving system. It’s pretty affordable and you’ll find trained professional crews wherever you choose to look.

A man laying below the boxes. Moving around is common for Philadelphia students living off-campus.
It’s always for the best if you hire professionals to help you move. Otherwise, you’ll end up like the poor guy above.

6. Kitchen sharing in dorms

Many dorms have shared kitchens on every floor or every few floors. Of course, it goes without saying you should clean up after yourself. Well… You know how people are. Although we all agree on some shared values, few are those who really respect them. You can imagine how shared kitchens in dorms can look like. Students living off-campus, of course, usually have their own kitchen. They don’t have to clean up after anybody. Well, that is unless they have a really lazy roommate which we all know can happen. Anyway, having the luxury of your own kitchen space is something most students living off-campus find very attractive. As we said earlier: it’s only natural.

Let’s summarize

So, there you have it. Six reasons why the Philly student population chooses to live off-campus. Moving from one apartment to another was never easier. We’d recommend you contact, quality moving providers in the area. For lazy readers here’s a quick list of the reasons behind students’ decision to live off-campus:

  • More living space – students living off-campus usually enjoy more living space than students living in dorms.
  • No strict rules – if you’re living in the dorms, you have to alert your hall manager you have guests over, which is most certainly a buzz kill, so to speak.
  • Great packing services in the area – moving off-campus was never easier.
  • Dorms close down during breaks – students living off-campus don’t need to worry about this.
  • Supreme labor-only service in the Philly area – students are likely to move around more frequently, they want quality and affordable moving
  • Students living off-campus aren’t cleaning after others – dorms usually have shared kitchens.

These were the reasons why Philadelphia students choose to live off-campus. Hope you’ve enjoyed the article.