7 simple decorating ideas

While the time spent studying will probably be the best time of your life, it will most definitely not be the time where you have a lot of money. Or time. you will be living in dorms or crowded apartment, and busy with studying and partying, you won’t invest your energy into decoration. Wrong! The places you will be staying at need your attention. Why? Well, you will be living in them! Making them a better place to live with little budget and time isn’t an easy task. But it is definitely one you could accomplish. We came up with a couple of simple decorating ideas that could help. You will see how easy you crappy new apartment can become pleasant and cozy. Even if you are not so skilled.

1.Interior curtain will do wonders in small spaces

We are going to take a wild guess and assume that you don’t have a lot of spaces. Another look at the crystal ball tells us that you probably don’t live alone. A lot of people in small places doesn’t leave much room for decoration. But you should know that some items can be both decorative and practical. One of the best examples is an interior curtain. Using this as a decoration idea you can both keep some space private and add some color and substance to your apartment.

2. Paint your furniture white is the best cheap decorating idea

cheap decorating ideas

Little things can make a big difference

When it comes to decorating ideas, painting is the bread and butter. It is easy and it isn’t expensive, but the effects are incredible. If you want your apartment to look neat and more serious, paint your furniture white. It will also make the apartment brighter. Having bright colored furniture gives the illusion of space, which might come in handy while you are living in college. You can also pick some different pastel colors, but stay far away from the dark ones if you don’t have a big apartment. If the happy colors become too much for you, decorate with dark colored pillows and curtains.

3.  Choose different chairs for the same table

When you are choosing chairs for the dining table, don’t buy the entire new and expensive set. Check out e-bay and garage sales, and pick a couple of interesting, completely different chairs. If they are not in such a good shape you can restore them with some paint and a good clean up. This will give out a much modern vibe, and it will definitely make your apartment unique. Not to mention it is much cheaper, and it also requires no time. Your guests are going to love it!

4. Use wallpapers, but not on entire walls!

Using wallpapers is making a comeback. But, the trick is always to take something popular and do it with a twist. Although most decorating ideas won’t include this advice, don’t be afraid to try something new. Our suggestion is to only use wallpapers on one part of the wall – bottom, left side, or the right corner. Whatever suits your room best.   You can combine the rest of the decoration with this and get an awesome room in no time!

5. Use canvas, decorative posters, and picture frames

Well, this is no new invention, but it should be mention regardless. When it comes to cheap and easy decorative ideas, these are the most simple ones. If you choose something bright, you can change the entire room. If you go for beige and eggshell, you can give it a more modern look. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try out things that are “not your style”. Perhaps you don’t see it in the beginning, but when you put it on a wall, it fits perfectly. You can also put up your favorite movies, albums, and fictional characters. Make it more like you and you will feel that much better.

6. Every cheap decorating ideas start with a DIY

easy decorating ideas

Doing things by yourself can be very beneficial

You are now a college student living on your own, there will be many, many things you will do for the first time. Doing things yourself is not easy, but it is very exciting. That is what will make the decorating of your apartment that much interesting. Get the necessary tools and start working. You will save time, your home is going to be nicer, and you will learn something new. And if you are lacking ideas, check out this article and get inspired. You might find out that you have been wasting money on a bunch of things you could have done yourself.

7. It’s all in the details – pictures, candles, lamps and pillows

What if your budget can’t include any major shopping? In the same time, you are endlessly frustrated with your apartment? Then, go simple, very simple and very cheap. Head out to the dollar store and buy brightly colored candles and pillow cases. You can even sew the pillowcases out of your old clothes. Develop around 50 pictures and stack them in the apartment – on the mirror, from the walls, on furniture. Get some second-hand lamps and curtains, and voila! It will feel like an entirely new apartment. Then you can start saving money and buying bigger things or tools. If you are renting an apartment, invest in things you can take with you when you leave.

College life is full of unexpected plots and twists, as well as challenges and obstacles. Don’t let your personal space be one of them. Invest time while you still have some to spare into making it your own, nicely decorated place, that will be your sanctionary when things get hard. You will make so many memories here, so why not make it as nice as it can be? Get the tools from your parents, call your mom and dad for help, and get to work. Your future self will thank you. In the meantime, we are here for everything you might need. Good luck!