Student-friendly Places In Texas

A brief guide to student-friendly places in Texas

Texas is one of the most popular moving destinations for students. There are a couple of reasons why moving to Texas is such a common occurrence. One of the reasons is the fact that there are plenty of colleges and universities in the state where hundreds of students are enrolled every year. This means that hundreds of students are moving to Texas. And there are plenty of towns where students are moving to. Some live just a short walk away from their school but others decided to commute from different towns in order to save up some money. No matter what you decide to do, moving to a student-friendly place is what we would always recommend doing. There are plenty of pros of living in a student-friendly town as a student. If you will be moving to Texas this year but you still haven’t decided on where moving to is a good idea, this is the article for you. This article is where you will read all you need to know about the best student-friendly places in Texas.


There are so many things that make Lewisville an amazing place for students that we are not sure where to begin. Let us start by telling you that Lewisville has an amazing location. This could be what is attracting so many students here. It is located north of Dallas and Fort Worth. It can be considered a suburb of the two cities. This is why a lot of students move to Lewisville. Because living here means being able to get to both places in no time. Dallas and Fort Worth are just a short drive away from Lewisville. This means you could go to college there or get a job there but live in a place that is far better and more affordable. Dallas and Fort Worth are places where starting your career after graduating is an amazing idea as there are plenty of opportunities.

Sunset in Dallas.
Dallas and Fort Worth are just a short drive away from Lewisville.

Lewisville Lake is located here. This gives the place a lot more fun things to do. And having where to spend your free time without having to drive for a long time is important for students as student life can be very stressful. The Lewisville Lake is where you can go fishing, swimming, or just take a walk on the quay. You can ride a bike, go jogging, or just sit on a bench with a nice view. No matter what your idea of relaxing is, you can do it all in Lewisville. Here is also where you will find plenty of locally-owned shops but also big-name brands. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Lewisville as well so leaving the town for a night out won’t be necessary either. All of these are affordable entertainment options for students.

Housing options

Another thing about Lewisville that we love is the fact that the housing is not expensive and it is very easy to find. There are plenty of homes for both sale and rent. You as a student will most likely be renting an apartment to live in. And there are a couple of different neighborhoods in Lewisville to choose from. But until you move to the city you won’t be able to pick the one that is perfect for you. After some time of living here and getting to know the neighborhoods, you will find the one you like. And once you do, skilled crews can assist you with local relocation from one home to another.

Neighrbhood buildngs.
There are a couple of amazing neighbrhoods you need to consider moving to.


We could sit the whole day and write about how amazing Lewisville is as it really is one of the best student-friendly places in Texas but there are plenty of others to talk about. And the next on our list is Arlington. This is another city located close to both Dallas and Fort Worth but it is much closer to them than Lewisville is. It is located in between the two cities. This is why so many people are moving to Arlington with But also because of the fact that this is an amazing city to live in. It has quite a lot to offer.

One of the best things about this place is the housing options for students. Since there are plenty of students already living here, the rent is not as expensive as one might think it is. Renting a home in Arlington will cost you just around $1,500 a month. And that is if you are living in a bigger apartment in the center of the city. There are more affordable options here too. But its affordability is not its best trait.

Arlington skyline at night.
Arlington is a very modern and beautiful city with plenty of things to do.

Things to do

It is the fact that this is a very beautiful place to live in. This is a city with amazing parks where you will be able to spend a lot of time outside doing plenty of fun things. Nature here is beautiful which is why spending time outside will be your favorite activity after moving to Arlington. But even if it isn’t, there are plenty of other things to do in the city. You can always go to a restaurant, a bar, cafe, museum, the cinema, and any other fun thing you can think of doing as a student. This is a great place to consider moving to after graduating.

Some other places to consider

There are plenty of student-friendly places in Texas but we choose to tell you in detail about Lewisville and Arlington as they are the two best options. But there are plenty of other places where moving to would be a great idea if you are a student. Here are some other cities to consider moving to:

  • Progreso
  • El Paso
  • San Antonio.