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A College Student’s Guide to New York City

Relocating to New York City to attend college is such an exciting time. Starting a new chapter of your life in a fast-paced and urban environment will be a great experience overall. In order to make this move to the Big Apple as swift as possible, we will discuss some tips and strategies to ensure it is successful. With a solid and well-structured plan, you can easily turn this stressful situation into something very simple. Get ready for your studies with our beneficial college student’s guide to New York City!

New York City

New York is a big city, and when moving or settling on an idea to attend college here, it very important to have a plan. A well-structured plan will be the perfect college student’s guide throughout this process. Consider the programs you are interested in and ensure to apply on time. As you wait for your acceptance letter, make sure to set up a budget for the upcoming months. Calculating your expenses ahead of time is necessary to stay on track and it will definitely take the stress out of the experience. 

A view of Manhattan which is an inevitable part of a college student's guide to New York City.
New York is a big city with many great college options. Start with a good plan and research to simplify this experience.

College Student’s Guide to New York City

Once you know the college you will be attending, it is time to plan out your stay at a dorm. We suggest doing this early on and settle in before your classes begin. In order to simplify this process, it would be a great idea to hire individuals who know their way around dorms. There are many student moving companies that work specifically for that purpose and will have the necessary experience and equipment to help out. Moreover, ease the pressure of moving and starting school at the same time by settling in ahead of time. 


The key to a successful plan is thorough research. Planning, research, and preparation are the aspects that will determine the success of your college student’s guide outcome. In addition, figure out your schedule and classes so that you can prioritize and be off to a good start. Meanwhile, research is always beneficial as it helps you evaluate multiple options before you make final decisions. Whether it is your field of study, where you will be living, or what your budget is, with research all of these are much easier to figure out. 

A student studying the board with notes and diagrams.
Research is essential in order to make smart and efficient decisions.

On the other hand, research enables you to choose from a variety of moving companies. Comparing estimates and services from one company to the next is necessary. Get in touch with Divine Moving and Storage NYC early on so that you can discuss the terms and expenses ahead. 

Stay Organized 

All in all, the college student’s guide is both similar and different from one individual to the next. As long as key aspects such as planning, preparing, and researching are considered and applied throughout, you are already on the road to success. Don’t forget to set up a budget and construct a good timeline that will guide you from beginning to the middle and completion of this big and exciting step.