A Student Crossing The Brooklyn Bridge And Thinking About How It Looks Like For Art Students In Brooklyn

A guide for art students in Brooklyn

Generally speaking, moving to New York City is a dream of many young professionals. Among them, a significant part has been there since their student days. This is the city that has a lot to offer to a young person eager to get knowledge and pursue a career. It’s is not an easy but a very hard road to take. However, it can be quite rewarding at the end. In fact, this possibility and potential opportunities are what fascinates and attracts young people from all over the world. One borough, Brooklyn, with the art in its core, is particularly interesting not only for art students in Brooklyn but for all students in NY. This very culturally diverse borough is famous for its unique sense of community.

Diversity and art in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is well known for being the most populated of all five boroughs in NYC. However, that is not the only thing it’s famous for. Being the home of many culturally different residents it’s a clashing center for various cultural, social, and ethnic influences. As a result, you have a part of NY that contains everything. From genuine cuisines from all over the world to the diverse art scene notable on every corner of the streets. And, maybe, the most important thing, a specific friendly community spirit that will quickly win your heart.

Street art drawing of a strange ball-shaped monster with many eyes.

Street art can sometimes be strange, but it’s the art after all.


Brooklyn might be a perfect place for students and young professionals

It’s a place that attracts many professionals, writers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and artists. Art students in Brooklyn are people with similar interests. A lot of people aim to move directly to Manhattan, the unofficial center of the world. But soon, many of them realize it’s not as it looks and decide to take a step back and settle in Brooklyn. And why not? Many people following the same steps are saying the same thing. Manhattan can really hit your wallet hard. Plenty of regular stuff is overpriced just because of the location. And, sometimes it can be so crowded that you can’t breathe. It’s just not worth it so much.

You can have all the stuff from all other boroughs while still living in Brooklyn. Much more affordable accommodation and a lot of budget-friendly amenities. Even if you need to relocate your valuable works of art every time you change a place of living, it won’t hit your budget too much. After all, staying on the budget is one of the worst student’s nightmares.

Living is affordable for art students in Brooklyn

Even though almost half of the students live in University halls at the start, over time they tend to look for a different kind of accommodation. And the good thing is that in Brooklyn there are many affordable options to choose from. There is just one catch though, you will need to be fast. Many students are chasing the same thing so if you see a good rental opportunity grab it as soon as possible.

One of the most popular things in the student lifestyle is getting a roommate. Find someone with a similar point of view, and share the living expenses. You can even share the moving expenses if you happen to run into a more affordable place. Contact one of the companies like Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, and you are good. On the other side, if you can afford it, you can always get a small apartment for yourself and practice being independent. Another common thing among students is that you can easily find a job, if nothing, at least a temporary one will do.

The best way to explore the neighborhoods

Whether you are looking for a place to live or you just want to explore everything Brooklyn has to offer, the best way would be to go on foot. Exploring the area in person will give you a much better impression of the local population and the surroundings. Of course, you can always inform yourself about upcoming events and other additional information over the internet. However, feeling it first hand will always be the better way. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourself to Brooklyn. Since it is in the center between all other boroughs, Brooklyn has a very good public transportation network. Being a student of art, you can use this opportunity and visit some of the best art schools in NYC. Grab your roommate and go on a tour. Just to mention a few:

  • The Art Students League of New York in Midtown west
  • Cooper Union in East Village
  • School of visual arts in Kips Bay
  • National Academy Museum and School in Upper East Side
  • International Center of Photography School in Midtown West
  • The Art Studio NY in Upper West Side
  • Brooklyn Craft Company in Greenpoint

Parks and open spaces art students in Brooklyn can enjoy

Brooklyn differs from other parts of NY even with the number of parks and open spaces. Prospect Park and Red Hook are just some of the places where you can go enjoying some outdoor activities like walking and cycling. Also, it is not uncommon to enjoy free concerts and movies in parks in the summer. A lot of cultural events are hosted in these open areas, and the best part is that is almost never too crowded. Even in the peak season. So, organize your schedule and plan your weekends well.

A young man wearing a rap music style hat.

You can enjoy many music events in the summer, and analyze various artistic styling.

Having a car in Brooklyn

Having a car can be a practical solution no matter where you live. However, it doesn’t have to be a necessary thing while studying NY. Brooklyn is a very walkable borough, and you should use this as the opportunity to stay fit and to save some money. Remember, expenses are student’s nemesis and you should always be looking for alternative and cheaper ways to do things. Especially since you are living in one of the most demanding and costly cities in the world.

Strange low isometric picture of taxi.

Only an art student will take a ride and make an artistic picture of a taxi.

Brooklyn is very unique, distinct, and diverse compared to other boroughs. It offers something for everyone, and people usually live in a neighborhood that suits their characters and interests. Like many other art students in Brooklyn, you will soon find out many benefits it has to offer. And, who knows, but the chances are, you are going to stay there even after graduating. It’s that good, for real.