College moving deals

What is moving in college like?

Well, a few words come to mind, but let’s just say it is quite difficult. That pretty sums it up but to be frank, most of the others were curse words that we are not supposed to use anyway. When facing the challenge of moving, there are a lot of things you should consider, and chances are you will forget them. It’s not like you have done this a thousand times, and even if you have, there is always something… There will be a thousand of things crossing your mind, you are in college after all. Who can even think about how to pick the right moving company if they are failing their finals? We hope that isn’t you. But, if it is, good luck and it’s a good thing you are here. There is no shame in admitting you need help. Only, sometimes it’s hard to face the judgmental looks when you ask a question that other might find stupid. Here, at College moving ideals, you will avoid such fate. We are not smarter or better, we are merely the survivors off a ton of situations that happened to us while we were moving. Sometimes banged up and bruised, but we made it to the Promised Land, and now want to help you get there to. Preferably, in one piece. Let’s meet us!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of enthusiast with years of experience with moving while in college and we have decided to transform all of that knowledge into a useful, practical blog that you can consult. How neat of us, right? After encountering many challenges and surviving a lot of mishaps, as well as unusual and frightening situations we believed it was the time for someone else to learn from our mistakes! So, do what we didn’t and read here how to deal with all the challenges of moving, living together, organizing your room… We will even throw a few tips on how to deal with difficult roommates. We have for sure had our fair share of those! We welcome you on our blog where you will encounter that every mistake you might make, we already made it for you and lived to tell that story. You just might have a little fun while reading about our misfortunes. College life comes with a lot of uncertainties so let us assure you that here we can help relieve some of that.

What do we do?

We will be writing about all sort of topics related to moving while in college and all of the ideals you should strive for. Living is about getting most out of every situation, so perhaps your GPA is not perfect, but at least your apartment can be. If you are planning to move you are for sure facing a lot of difficult decisions – how to choose the right apartment and moving company, how to pack and store your belongings, what you shouldn’t forget… We will try to help you not only to come up with a solution when the problem has already occurred but also to anticipate what might happen and act accordingly. When taking a test you never know what questions you will be asked, but when it comes to moving, it doesn’t have to be like that – chaotic, stressful and unproductive. We will give you ideals, as well as the instructions on how to reach them. Make sure to visit us even if you are not planning to move because we will be offering helpful advice related to other topics as well – how to pack, how to deal with roommates, how to store efficiently, how to decorate etc. And perhaps we even inspire you to take that oh, so difficult decision and find better conditions for yourself.