Living With 3 Roommates - Hard Mode.

How to adapt to living with 3 roommates?

College life can be quite expensive, and not all of us can be that lucky to live on their own. Also, many people want to live with as many friends and roommates as possible, since it can bring many joys in life. However, living with 3 roommates can be quite stressful, and it can cripple your academic efforts. So, how to adapt to living with 3 roommates. What can you do to live your college life most efficiently and joyfully? Those are the questions we are going to tackle in this article, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Living with 3 roommates means that you have to compromise

Whoever lives with somebody else knows that living together means compromise everywhere. That means that all four of you are going to use the same toilet, maybe sleep in the same room, etc. All of this means that you’ll have to make compromises everywhere. If you are used to going to the bathroom whenever it fits you, for example, know that this is a thing of the past, and now you have to learn to share.

But there are benefits

There are many benefits of living with 3 roommates. Cash is just one of those things. You’ll split your rent and your bills equally into four parts (right?). And you are going to split the cost of moving to a new location if you hire a moving company like Preferred Movers NH. Also, living with more roommates is fun. You are going to live with three different characters and trust us, everybody has something to offer. You can make parties together, just be careful not to disturb any of your neighbors.

Man holding his head.

Living with 3 roommates can be stressful.

And yes, you should hire movers for your relocation.

Living with 3 roommates requires sharing responsibility

Living with 3 roommates is impossible if you don’t know how to share your responsibilities. If it is not known when it is your time to wash the dishes, for example, you are going to have a hard time. Yes, maybe you and one of your roommates don’t mind the mess, but certainly, somebody is going to be appalled by it. So, gather your roommates, and write down some house rules. Decide when it is your time to clean the apartment (or house for that matter), and all of you need to agree on doing that sometimes. Make a plan.

What can you do if one roommate is, let’s put it lightly, not a very good roommate?

One of the things you should know before finding a new roommate is to see if that roommate is a good person. There is at least a 25% chance that one of your roommates is not going to behave properly. And all of us have experienced that. Having a roommate who makes a mess everywhere, and who doesn’t pay bills on time can be very troubling. What can you do in that situation?

How to adapt to living with 3 roommates without washing the dishes?

The horror!

To be frank, there are only three options. Option number one is for all of you to agree to kick out that roommate. Specialty items such as pianos can be moved, but sometimes roommates cannot. So, there is option number two. Find a new location if your other roommates are not for the first option. And option number three is to try to explain to your misbehaving roommate why their behavior is not good. If that doesn’t work, you have the first two options.

To conclude, there are both benefits and downsides of sharing a place with three roommates. You are the only one who can decide whether you are the person for it and where you should set the limit.

Good luck!