A Student Looking For A Student Storage

All you need to know about student storage

Renting student storage can be very useful if you are living in a dorm or renting a small apartment and don’t have the place to put all your belongings. That’s what storage is for after all. The two most important things about storage for students are prices and safety. You want your belongings to be safe and sound, but often students can’t afford some fancy big temperature-controlled storage spaces. Earning money is not the top priority for students, learning is. So let’s see what you need to pay attention to and how to find good storage.

Location, location, location

This is one of the most important factors – the location. You want your items to be somewhere near you so you can just hop and get whatever you need. You can store everything that you don’t use every day there and just go and get everything you need since it’s close. Pay special attention to location. Find good storage somewhere near your dorm or apartment. There are moving apps that can help you with finding it but you can always use Google for it. Just type “storage near me” and turn on the location on your phone.

map showing the location
The most important thing is that all your items are somewhere near you.

Prices are very important when it comes to student storage

There is storage available specifically for students, some believe that self-storages can also be a great option for students and in some cases, portable storage can work great. Another one of the most important factors is of course the price. You want to find an affordable price. Some will give a discount for students, seniors, military, and such so ask around and compare prices before you decide on storage.

Temperature-controlled storage

If the price isn’t the issue consider temperature-controlled storage. They tend to be pricier but they are many safes if you need to store furniture, musical instruments, electronics, and such. You won’t find any mold there and other accidents that can occur in regular storage so consider this option and check out the prices in ones near you. If you need to store something expansive that can be damaged if anything like moisture or mold occurs then it is much better and cheaper to spend more money on temperature-controlled storage than to have for example ruined piano.

It’s important that all your belongings are safe and chances are they will be safer in climate-controlled storage.

Hiring professional movers

When you eventually find perfect storage you can hire movers to help you out with transportation and heavy lifting. You can also ask your friends to help you out but heavy lifting can be very dangerous if it’s not done properly. Movers can also help you with packing and many other things so this is also another good option to consider.