A Tablet With Some Apps That Make The Relocation Process Simple

Apps that make the relocation process simple and easy

If you want to make the relocation process simple, look no further than your phone. Yes, you saw it right. Your phone can be your best ally once the relocation approaches. Nowadays, there is an app for everything you can think of. Are you having issues with sleeping? There is an app for that. Having difficulties with handling your money – there is an app for that as well. Obviously, there are many moving apps that can help you now. We will show you a few of the top apps that make the relocation process simple and easy. Luckily, many of them are free to use so there is no downside to getting them right now.

Let’s start with our favorite one – Avvinue

If you are not keen on exploring all the apps, make sure to use Avvinue. This might be both the best and the easiest app to use from the list. The software presents a short survey right after installation. You’ll need to provide the app with information about your move, including the location, date, number of people and pets, and more.

When the program has all the information it needs, it will generate a checklist of tasks it thinks you should complete. Being an automated procedure, it is expected that certain things will need to be changed or removed entirely. However, it is generally rather accurate in its estimation of tasks. Some relocation-related services, such as pet transport and shipping, are also available for direct booking on Avvinue. You can even find some great budgeting tips.

A person looking at some apps that can make the relocation process simple on the phone.
It’s great that we have so many useful apps nowadays to save us some time and money. They can even make the relocation process simple.

The one with the most obvious name – Moving Boxes

If you’re moving and need specialized software to keep track of your items once you’ve packed them, Moving Boxes is a great choice. If you have this app, you’ll never lose your pizza cutter again or forget where you put down your favorite novel. The app will allow you to look for that specific item and then tell you the specific box number where that item is located. Both rooms and numbered boxes can be used to organize the contents. You can use commas to make each item into its own line in a box, and the software will do the rest for you. In the future, you will be grateful that you took a photo of the package for reference.

A man trapped under moving boxes
The name of the app says it all.

Google Keep is one of the apps that can make the relocation process simple for you

Google Keep is useful for keeping track of boxes in addition to other tasks. It is more useful as a comprehensive moving checklist. You can both keep tabs on what has to be done by sharing the list in Google Keep and have it sync between your respective (Google) accounts provided you add a collaborator.

Depending on your preference, you can either maintain your note as a blank page or insert useful checkboxes to keep track of the countless tasks that must be completed before and during the move. When you complete a task, it will move down to the bottom of your list. You can still see it but know it’s complete. For a wide variety of uses, including moving your smart home devices, this app is an excellent choice.

OfferUp is the best app for decluttering (this can be your bonus app for moving preparations)

There’s no better opportunity than when you’re packing to sort through your belongings and see what you no longer need. Using OfferUp to sell unused possessions can help you clear out space in your home and bring in some extra cash.

Larger things, such as furniture and major gadgets, can be sold in person. Alternatively, you can sell to anyone if you have smaller products to ship. You can make some cash by selling the streaming stick you no longer use. Even by selling just old clothing you never wear you can earn money to put towards your upcoming moving supplies and other expenses.

a person holding money
Now you can earn some money.

Shyft Moving

You can save time and money by getting a moving quote using Shyft Moving instead of having a representative come to your house. Everything you need is in your pocket.  The best part is that it’s totally free. You’ll have to register with the app’s developers after downloading it. Then you’ll get a “You’re set!” screen, and you can schedule a video chat with a consultant. Do not feel pressured to clean up before the movers arrive. The Move Consultant’s primary function is to count the boxes and furnishings.

You will notice that most of these apps are focused on finding you the best movers. This is particularly important when relocating long-distance, which is undoubtedly a more challenging type of relocation. Professionals can always step in and make the relocation stress-free but finding the right movers is not so easy. Nowadays, everyone claims that they are the best. Luckily, apps will know the best movers near you.

One last thing about the apps that make the relocation process simple

Once you start telling people you are moving, you will probably hear a lot of “Oof, tough time, right?”. It’s common knowledge that moving is the last thing any of us wants to put on our list of things to do.

However, this is something that can’t always be avoided. You have no choice but to relocate because of your job, your desire to live closer to your family, or even if you just want a change of environment. You’ll think and do like a real moving pro after downloading these apps we have just told you about. Most of them are free to use on your iPhone or if you have an Android.  In the event that you find out that a friend or acquaintance is relocating, you won’t be content to merely wish them well and step in with some well-received advice when you hear the news. You can share everything that you have learned today by telling them how to use some apps that make the relocation process simple and easy.