A Girl Searching Art And Design Colleges In Florida.

Best art and design colleges in Florida

Do you want to study art and design? That is an excellent choice. Florida is one of the states to consider. Do you know where the best art and design colleges in Florida are?  Can you choose the right college for you? How to move to Florida for college? We know!

Top art and design colleges in Florida to consider

This is the list of some of the best colleges in Sunny State. Research them and see what they offer to students.

  • The University of Miami – has 47 art and design degree programs, so your options are big. If you want to be in a big private university, this is one of the best options. Also, it offers activities for students in Florida, such as sport.
  • The University of Florida – 13 programs that may interest you if you want to fo to a public university. It is one of the best art and design colleges in Florida and it is located in Gainesville.
  • Florida State University – 35 programs in art and design and every year about 430 students get a Bachelor’s degree. It is located in Tallahassee and besides art, psychology and economy are one of the most popular majors.
  • The University of Central Florida – with 14 art and design programs for students, it is one of the choices you have.
  • Florida Southern College – a small private school where about 40 students get a Bachelor’s degree every year, but on the other hand, you can choose between 16 programs.
  • The University of Tampa – a medium-sized private university with 12 programs, but you can get a great education here.
  • Ringling College of Art and Design – located in Sarasota, this small and private institution is focused only on art and design. The most popular majors are illustration, animation, video graphic and special effects, and game design.

If your future is in art and design, choose one of the colleges in Florida

Choose a college, make a plan on how to move your cherished piano or your artwork and start packing your bags.

Hiring professional movers for college relocation to Florida

moving to college will be easier if you have professional helpers by your side. Especially if you need to move musical instruments. Even the smallest mistake can be expensive. One of the companies to consider are City Movers. Moving to an art college may be difficult if you need to move your equipment and art supplies. But, it is not impossible.

A student studying after making a decision about art and design colleges in Florida

Your job is to prepare for art and design colleges in Florida and to study hard afterward. Leave moving and transporting to professionals.


Before making the final decision, visit some of these colleges and talk to other students and professors there. Colleges are organizing tours every year. If studying in one of the art and design colleges in Florida is your dream, then pursue it. Make your move to Florida simple and easy. Your only job is to stay focused and organized. Good luck with your college life and career in art!