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How to avoid the freshman 15

Most high school seniors and freshmen worry about the famous Freshman 15. This is the amount of weight that freshmen in college or university typically gains during the first year of studies. Although most people consider this a myth, it is undeniable that most college students get heavier during their student years. Consequently, most students would prefer to avoid the freshman 15 if possible.

Tips to avoid the freshman 15

A research study conducted in 2011 found that students gain between 9 and 15 pounds during college years. Even though these numbers aren’t devastating, taking care of your body is very important. In fact, the student’s who pay attention to their nutrition and exercise achieve better academic results. Also, they usually maintain their health for longer, even as adults.

Moving to college is a stressful experience for almost everyone. However, if you want to be as organized as possible opt for professional packing supplies. Not only will this help you with the stress, but it will also keep you on top of your goals. This means that you will easily be able to take care of your body!

Getting enough sleep is really important

Everyone knows that college students usually don’t get enough sleep, especially the freshmen. This is mostly due to poor organization, overworking and studying. If you tend to be a slower learner, there is a way to learn a lesson in just 15 minutes! Also, homesickness can play a significant roll in this issue. However, lack of sleep increases the production of the hormone which leads to hunger. Also, it decreases the production of the hormone which suppresses hunger. Because of this, students should attempt to get a full nights sleep as often as possible. If this simply isn’t doable, taking short naps during the day can be a good solution!

Avoid skipping breakfast

As most people already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In particular, adolescents shouldn’t skip the first meal since doing so increases the possibility of becoming overweight.  This happens because you’re more likely to get hungrier later in the day and this leads to a lot of snacking. Specifically, it leads to snacking on very caloric vending machine and convenience store food. To avoid consuming these unnecessary calories, try including more simple breakfast foods into your daily routine. There are many options for a quick and healthy breakfast. For example, a bowl of cereal or instant oatmeal will easily do the trick! In case you’re not much of a cereal fan, a quick sandwich or a handful of nuts are also good options.


A quick sandwich is a good breakfast staple

Walk off your frustrations

Taking up a workout routine will definitely help you avoid the freshman 15. However, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. For instance, go on a walk every time you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You can walk around and explore your campus. Also, the traditional treadmill is a good option as well.

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Walking is good for your mind and body!

Additionally, a great option would be to join some group programs at your local gym. If you need help socializing in college, this will be a great start. In this way, you will activate your body and meet a ton of new friends. Since you and your peers share similar problems, this will help you be determined.

Avoid keeping snacks in your fridge

Studying at night makes most people peckish. Therefore, keeping snacks in a fridge in your dorm will tempt you to overeat. So, not having chips and other snacks in your dorm will help you avoid the freshman 15. Another great option for avoiding snacks is to study at the campus library. Since eating isn’t allowed there you will have no options but to focus on your tasks.

Eat fruits and vegetables with every meal

If you eat a veggie soup before your lunch or a green salad with your dinner, you’ll cut back calories. These vegetable-based additions will fill you up faster and for a longer time. This is due to the amount of fiber you will consume along with your regular meal. The same goes for fruits. If you stick to eating only fruit for dessert you will end up loving it more than you could imagine.

Avoid drinks packed with unnecessary calories

If you love drinking fizzy sports or energy drinks, you might want to consider giving them up. The same goes for sweetened teas and different flavored coffees. In fact, these kinds of drinks can easily have more than 250 calories that you just do not need. If you still want a creamy caffeinated beverage, give almond milk a try. Not only does it taste better than regular cow’s milk, but it’s also lower in calories and fat! Also, don’t forget to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. If you drink enough water throughout the day, you’ll notice your desire for sugary drinks decreases.

Keeping healthy snacks and drinks is okay

Try to go out for late-night snacks and treats as less as possible. Snacking at night is okay occasionally but going out for snacks will only lead to unhealthy fast food options. Therefore, stock up on healthy and simple snacks that you can easily reach for when you feel peckish. For example, buy small packages of already popped popcorn. Popcorn is full of fiber and low in calories which makes is the perfect fuel for your brain. Similarly, buy healthy coconut yogurt cups and dark chocolate – the darker the better. These will provide you with healthy fats and protein and will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re sharing your room with another student ask them if they would also like to make healthier options as well. In this way, you will have a better support system which will help you in the long run.

bowl of popcorn - avoid the freshman 15

Popcorn is a great snack and it will help you avoid the freshman 15!

However, keep in mind that snacking isn’t really recommended, especially while you’re under stress. Stress-eating usually leads to overeating and overindulging. Yet, if you keep it clean and do it only occasionally it’s completely okay!

Don’t rely on the internet to be your nutritional guide

If you’re really devoted and determined to keep your nutrition on point, stay away from the internet. This is because the internet usually offers unprofessional advice which might do you more harm than good. Therefore, your best option is to make an appointment with a registered dietitian nutritionist. Although this will cost you some money, it will definitely be of great help to get advice from a professional. Additionally, they will give you great suggestions for quick meals and snack that are both delicious and healthy. You will be amazed at all the options you will have to avoid the freshman 15!