A Student Looking At The Sky And Thinking About Moving To The US For College

Bahrain students moving to the US for college – what to pack?

Starting college – the most exciting, yet often terrifying new life chapter. It’s often difficult for young people to get ready for such an adventure, due to lack of experience with moving and traveling long-distance. For Bahrain students moving to the US for college, this guide will ensure the packing process is much easier. Here’s what to pack if you’re moving abroad soon.

Start with what not to pack

To save yourself time and avoid troubles, make sure you are aware of the things you can’t bring to the US. There are prohibited and restricted items you should know about, so be sure to leave those behind. Next, you don’t need to bring all the items you can repurchase after you move. And finally, do some decluttering of your belongings, so you bring fewer items and therefore reduce your moving costs. After you finish, you can finally start packing and easily find what works best for you, in terms of relocation services and affordable pricing.

a student using laptop to find out more about Bahrain students moving to the US for college
Doing proper research an preparing will ensure you avoid troubles while traveling and wasting time.

Pack appropriate clothing

Bahrain enjoys hot summers and mild winters. However, the weather might not be like that in your new city. Different regions of the US have different climates, so be sure to check that before you start packing clothes. This way, you’ll pack appropriate clothing, save time and space.


Make sure you pack basic toiletries when you start packing for college. However, we advise packing travel sizes you need for the road and the first days in the new home or dorm. You can easily buy everything you need after the move so you don’t waste valuable space in the suitcase.


As a student, there are some electronics you’ll need for studying, having fun, and communicating with your family and friends in Bahrain. Make sure you pack your gadgets and all the necessary chargers, power adapters, e-reader, etc. However, make sure you pack these items securely before you hand them over to fourwinds-bahrain.com. Packing the fragile items safely is equally important as picking the right professional for the job.


Important documents are an essential part of your luggage. Make sure you pack everything in one file and keep it with you at all times. Include your passport, visa, ID card, Student ID, driver’s license, travel insurance, etc. These items, along with your other valuables should be packed in your personal luggage and protected from theft or damage.

a student who has just arrived in a dorm after moving to the US for college
Important items should be traveling with you at all times.

Moving for the first time

For all Bahrain students moving to the US for college for the first time, this is quite an overwhelming process. There’s a lot of new things to experience, so this makes the journey exciting and scary at the same time. To make things easier, rely on professionals’s tips and tricks to ensure you manage to do everything on time and without stress. Read the experiences of people who moved before, and contact some of your friends who recently moved for college as well.


Successful long-distance relocations solely depend on careful organization and planning. That’s why you should take your time to plan every detail of your upcoming trip. Moving to the US for college is a big deal, so it is important to make plans and find the help that will ensure you enjoy the process and look forward to your studies.