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Baton Rouge apartments: Renter’s guide

Finding an apartment is exciting. You will be getting into a new place where you can make it your own and get familiar with the new neighborhood. However, there are difficulties before you get to your apartment. You have to know how to get the best deal and choose an apartment that is not breaking down. To help you with that, we have a renter’s guide to Baton Rouge apartments.

Baton Rouge apartments – why move there

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers the benefits of a major city with all the commodities of a charming small town. The most beautiful part of the town is the downtown area near the Mississippi River.

The downtown area of Baton Rouge is the perfect mix of history and modernity. In recent years, it has seen growth, and this section is now the most popular place in the city. There you can find bars, restaurants, stores, entertainment, and many more amenities. Most of the museums in Baton Rouge are free. Whenever you feel like learning about history, you can visit. The cuisine in Baton Rouge is delicious, influenced by southern-style cooking and Cajun cooking. If you like what you see and want to move here, there are a variety of options available. No matter what moving service you desire, from local moves to commercial moves, they got you covered and will get you into Baton Rouge problem-free. 

The cost of living in Baton Rouge 

One of the significant benefits of moving to Baton Rouge is the cost of living. You will be happy to hear that the cost of living in Baton Rouge is lower than the national average by ten percent. Let’s see the difference in coast between each are. 

  • Firstly, groceries are 4,7 percent less expensive in Baton Rouge. 
  • Secondly, the difference in cost of health is minuscule, only 2,9 percent.
  • Thirdly, housing is twenty-nine percent less expensive in Baton Rouge.
  • Utilities are 11,2 percent less expensive compared to the rest of America. 
  • Finally, the only thing that is more expensive in Baton Rouge is transportation. Transportation is 11,4 percent more costly in Baton Rouge compared to the national average. 
a pink piggy bank
By moving to Baton Rouge apartments, you will live more comfortably.

So by moving to Baton Rouge, you will be saving money and getting all the benefits of big cities, as we have mentioned before. 

Baton Rouge apartments – what can you rent, and how much is it 

Let’s answer the first question, what can you rent in Baton Rouge. When it comes to renting, there are many options. You can choose to rent out a charming nineteenth-century home. However, if that is not what you want, you have other options. There are contemporary apartments in the downtown area of the city. 

a brown brick house
You have the option of renting older homes in Baton Rouge.

Let’s move to the second question – the average cost of rent in Baton Rouge. As we have mentioned before, housing in Baton Rouge is not as costly as in the rest of America. Here is the overview of the cost of renting. 

  • The average cost of a studio apartment in Baton Rouge is 729 dollars.
  • A one-bedroom will cost you 765 dollars a month.
  • A two-bedroom apartment is 898 dollars.
  • For three bedrooms, you will pay 1137 dollars.
  • And finally, a four-bedroom apartment will set you back 1418.

All of the prices mentioned in the list above are lower compared to the national average. However, if you still can not afford an apartment, there are resources for finding a roommate

Location can affect the cost of your rent

As you can see above, that is the average cost for an apartment based on size, in our case number of bedrooms. However, a location can also affect your rent, so you should not take those numbers above as gospel. To find the exact price of your rent you have to check with the landlord. But keep in mind that you will pay more for places near good schools and where there is a lot of activity, as the city center. If you choose a high-grade location, your rant can be much higher than the average, and you might need to move into a smaller place. But if you move into a smaller apartment and need a secure facility for excess items – Baton Rouge storage is there for you. If you choose them, your items will be protected, and for your more delicate belongings, they offer climate-controlled storage units. 

Before renting, read reviews

Most people do not know this, but there are sites on the internet that allow you to rate a landlord. If you are thinking about committing to a place before you do that, check the internet to read reviews on your landlord. Having a reasonable landlord can make your life a lot easier in the long run – they might even forgive you for missing rent. 

Baton Rouge apartments – interview before you decide on a roommate 

Most people try to save money by renting an apartment with someone. However, people usually rush into things, and then they are stuck with bad roommates. To avoid a disastrous situation, you should plan. Post on your social media that you are looking for roommates and that they need to interview. 

When they arrive at the interview, ask them if they can afford the apartment and about responsibility and cleanliness. If the roommate candidate can pay and are clean, ask questions about their hobbies, interests, and how they like to spend their free time. Paying the rent and being clean is not enough to have a good life together. When you finally find somebody similar, you can get the plastic bins and cardboard boxes and get to moving. 

two women talking
Interview to avoid horrible roommates.


We hope that our guide to Baton Rouge apartments will help you find a place. Good luck!