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The benefits of self-storage for college students

As the school year finishes, students are preparing for returning home. When they go home, they often pack up most of their stuff. It can be quite tiresome to haul everything back and forth at the end of each year. Usually, this moving process is time-consuming and difficult. Depending on the number of things in your dorm room, you will like need to rent a moving truck. Additionally, you may decide to save some money and do it on your own. Still, you’ll need some help and you’ll probably end up taking several trips. However, there is a solution to your problem. Put your thing in a storage facility. The benefits of self-storage for college students are multiple.

You can store stuff you won’t need over the summer without having to move them back home. Renting a storage unit will allow you to keep your items safe while traveling home. When you come back to school in the fall, your things will be ready to move into your new dorm room. These are only some benefits of self-storage for college students. However, it’s important to find the right self-storage unit to suit your need.

Packed moving boxes in a room.

Put your things in a self-storage unit to avoid having to transport them home.

The benefits of self-storage for college students

Before going back home for the summer, make some decisions about what you can place in a self-storage unit until the fall. For example, furniture, mattresses, bedding, and linens can easily go in a self-storage until the next school year. Also, you won’t need kitchen items, seasonal clothing, textbooks, and other supplies at home. You will likely find a self-storage facility close to your university. With a self-storage unit this close, you’ll only have to move them down the road rather than across the state. Furthermore, a close facility will make transporting your belongings easy when you come back to school in the fall.

Also, self-storage facilities are a secure place to store your stuff. This way they won’t be tampered with or stolen. Find a company to meet your relocation and storage needs. You can enjoy your summer vacation knowing that your items will stay safe while you are gone. Keeping your things safe is definitely one of the most important benefits of self-storage for college students.

Another one of the benefits of self-storage for college students is that you won’t need to shuffle around your stuff all summer. There will be no need to rent a truck or find help to move your items. Renting a self-storage unit will allow you to quickly store your things and get on with enjoying your summer break.

Flexibility in rental terms

Most facilities offer flexible lease terms, which is definitely among the best benefits of self-storage for college students. Choose a month-to-month lease plan, so that you can rent your self-storage unit for just the right amount of time. This way, you’ll simply store your things as long as you need, without paying for time you will not use. Some facilities even have special offers for college students, for example, your first month’s rent will be halved or even free. So, make sure to ask about available deals when you rent your unit. Also, you can find a variety of sizing options to meet your needs as well. Additionally, self-storage facilities have flexible hours. You’ll be able to get to your things as soon as you are ready.

The perfect size unit for your budget

Self-storage facilities have a wide variety of storage unit sizes available. Most students find that a 5 x 5 unit is just the size they need. The self-storage unit this size holds about as much as a walk-in closet. For example, it’s enough for storing clothes, electronics, and books. However, if you have furniture and mattresses to store along with smaller items, a 5 x 10 unit should suffice.

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Find the right sized self-storage unit for your furniture and other large items.

Keeping your belongings safe is one of the benefits of self-storage for college students

As mentioned before, one of the benefits of self-storage for college students is the safety it provides. Many self-storage facilities have security features like gated entry, door alarms, and security cameras. This is to ensure your belongings will be safe while they’re in storage. Additionally, you can also consider renting a climate controlled self-storage unit. For example, if you’re storing delicate items or electronics, they will stay protected throughout the hot summer.

Keeping your parents’ home organized

It’s amazing how much stuff a college student will accumulate within a few months. From school supplies and bedding, to clothing, you are likely to come home with more stuff then you left it with. Keep in mind that all your items will need to be stored in your parents’ house when you move back. If you’ve got a bunch of large furniture and boxes, you should consider where you’ll put them. Perhaps they’ve turned your bedroom into an office or guest room. Even if that’s not the case, they just might not have additional storage space for many larger items. Putting your belongings in summer storage for students is just what you need. A self-storage unit can securely store the surplus without cluttering your entire home.

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Don’t clutter your parent’s home!

Make the fall transition easier

When moving out of your dorm room, you start to think about what to do with all your stuff. It’s likely that you already have everything you need at your home. In addition, you don’t need your dorm room supplies over the summer. So, you may be wondering what to do. Getting rid of dorm room supplies is such a waste, especially because you’ll need them again in the fall. So, instead of transporting all your belongings back home, store them near the campus until fall. This option will make the beginning of the new school year go more smoothly. You won’t have to deal with the stress and frustration of hauling all your stuff back to school. Also, you can skip out on any shipping costs for larger, less-manageable items that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Ease of finding new housing

For college students who have graduated, renting a self-storage unit is also a great idea. After graduation, you’ll need to move out of the dorm room and find your own place. Perhaps you’ll move into a smaller apartment or stay with your friends until you find the right place for you. Storing your belongings in a self-storage unit will keep them in one place while you look for new housing. Also, knowing your things are safe will make the search for your new home much easier. Once you find the perfect place, it won’t be hard to move your belongings from the self-storage unit. And you’ll be ready for a new chapter in your life.