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Best Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners

You could easily say that moving with a dog is more different than moving without one. When there are just people, there is no need to look into some deeper details. But when you are a dog owner, you must. Unfortunately, not all neighborhoods are good for having a pet. And in some places, you won’t even find a park or any place where they are welcome to walk with you. Even though this sounds silly, it is like that. And for that reason, you should find the best Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners. Now, finding which are the best neighborhoods won’t be easy, but you will have standards. And you will find your place according to those standards. Don’t worry too much, prepare your pet for this move. They will need it.

One of the best Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners is Butcher’s Hill

If you are looking for a place that can remind you still of a city even though you are not in the city center, Butcher’s Hill is perfect for you. Not only that but this neighborhood is also rated with a 91% dog-friendly rate. There are plenty of walking trails that are dog friendly. And not only trails but it is also allowed to walk with your dog around the entire neighborhood. Also, you will find a Patterson Dog Park, where at certain times your dog can be even without a leash. If you decide that this place is what you are looking for, then you must visit La Barrita Restobar. It is one of the dog-friendly restaurants where you will enjoy a delicious meal, and your dog will be treated properly.

However, if you are a person that prefers dining at home and going for a beer, you should check out Monument City Brewing. This is a bar where you will be allowed to come inside with a dog. You can also meet some other dog owners over there over a beer mug. Just remember that you need to find adequate assistance as soon as you choose the neighborhood that is right for you. You will need help from professionals, especially when you need to deal with your dog and how the pet will deal with the whole moving process.

Two dogs enjoying in one of the Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners.
The Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners are the ones where your dog doesn’t have to be on a leash all the time.

An even better place is, without a doubt, Mt. Washington

This neighborhood might not be popular among the majority of people, but it is, for sure, well-beloved by many dog owners. And it is rated even higher than a previous neighborhood, even 96%. Here, you will find countless outdoor activities that you and your dog will be able to enjoy properly. Firstly, there is Fido. Fido is a place where you can get away from the city noise and concrete. It is 15 minutes away from downtown, but it is still a place many dog owners run to when they get overwhelmed.

Also, there are plenty of dog parks where you will be able to walk your dog both with and without a leash, and even areas for training them. Dog owners rate these dog parks with the highest grades. And you should give it a try. Your dog will love it, that is certain. Ask someone for some guides for the best outdoor activities that are dog friendly. You will be surprised how many there are.

Charles Village is also on the list of the dog-friendly Baltimore neighborhoods

When it comes to Charles Village, the best thing about this place is that it is only 15 minutes away from downtown. And you don’t have to worry if you do not have your own vehicle. The public transport will get you there fast. Most of the bus lines go that way, and the even better thing is that it is completely free for dogs to drive. Also, there are a couple of very nice big dog parks, but the best part is that they have a three-lane walking path in Charles Village, and one of them is for people with their dogs. Isn’t that amazing? Call the 24 Logistic Services and schedule your moving day. The sooner you relocate, the sooner you will be able to experience this.

Two german sheperds running with a stick.
Remember that your dog needs the freedom to run and get rid of that excess energy every day.

Next one on the list we have Locust Point

So, Locust Point is in the South Baltimore harbor. Many dog owners choose this place for their relocation. Although if you do, you might want to consider hunting for a rental apartment in advance. Especially a pet-friendly one. Probably most of them will be already taken. The place itself is very cozy and pleasant to live in. Most favorite thing about this place when it comes to dogs is that almost all the dog parks are off-leash ones. So, your pet will be able to run freely and socialize in the way they want to. Although be careful if the park doesn’t have a fence, you don’t want your dog to be lost. That is one of the strongest reasons why it is one of the Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners.

Figuring out what Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners are the best will take you some time

When this entire process and just the idea of moving to Baltimore begins, your mind will become a little bit messy. It is normal, but you cannot let that become overwhelming. That is why you shouldn’t spend too much time thinking and rethinking if the neighborhood you chose is good for your dog. In the end, if you don’t like the place, you can always change it.

Little corgy in a west.
Your dog deserves to be happy.

Now that you made your decision you should prepare your dog

For you, this relocation will be quite easy. But for your dog, the situation is different. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog will require some special treatment to adapt, nor that he won’t even feel the change. This depends on breed to breed, and on their own characters. However, prepare your dog once you find what are the best Baltimore neighborhoods for dog-owners. Let movers deal with the relocation, and you worry about your dog. Prepare them for this adventure, they will need that.