Best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL

here is nothing better than to watch sports with friends. There is simply something mesmerizing with the fact that you are a part of some bigger group. That is why we are presenting you with some of the best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL. We hope you will find the one that suits you the best and spend some quality time there with your friends.

You’ve just arrived in Brooklyn and after all the initial work around the moving, you get really tired. And it just happens to be a game night. With all that work left with unpacking you get easily frustrated and tired. Give yourself a break and a night out. Visit some of the sports bars Brooklyn has to offer.  We assure you, quality movers and storage in Brooklyn provides you with the best services, so your stuff will be transported and stored safely. So do not worry about it. Still, if you are thinking about moving to Brooklyn there are a lot of other good guides and tips that can help you settle in.

After all this introduction, let’s talk about the main subject here, finding the best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL. Here are our top choices you can enjoy with your friends.


  • Brooklyn Tap House, 590 Willoughby Avenue


If you are like me, than you love huge collection of the finest beer from around the world. The bar is filled with big flat screen TV’s that play almost every game that day. There are also big tables for huge companies of friends. There is also one other great plus when it comes to this bar. It comes with a big backyard, so if you need a break from the crowd, step out a bit.


  • Plan B – 626 Vanderbilt Avenue


Nice atmosphere, great food offer like chicken wings and friendly staff. That’s what makes this bar a very special place for any die hard NFL fan. There are not a lot of best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL we can put on this list, but Plan B I sure one of the best at the moment. Like any other sports bars, it does get crowded easily so get ready to either come early or sit in the back. Plan B is filled with a lot of TV’s and even one in the patio. That way they made sure you won’t miss anything!



If you are an NFL die – hard fan then this is the right place for you! Get ready to meet a lot of people who take sport seriously and high – five each other. Oh, also, they at the TV. But do not let that surprise you that does not mean they are bad. People are very friendly, and the staff there is great. Although there is no food in the bar, the bar itself does not ban you from bringing your own food. So get those tacos, popcorns or anything else ready for a good game night in this bar!

  • 200 Fifth – 200 Fifth Avenue


First thing you will think about when you enter this bar is: “Am I at the TV store?” Literally, the whole bar is filled with TV’s. They really made sure you won’t miss a second of the game. There are TV’s on every wall, so wherever you turn you would be able to watch the game. Although with such greatness there comes a price. Beer costs a bit higher than in the other bars, but where else would you get such a “Big Brother” experience where you don’t get to miss any part of the game.



Some people can argue can this bar really be put in this list, but let me assure you. What this bar lacks in the amount of TV’s, repays in the very huge list of draft beers and other themed nights. If you like quite atmosphere while watching the game then this is the right place for you. During the game people tend to be really quite and just enjoy the game. We really must tell you how much their staff is friendly and try to tend to your every need. Those are just few of the reasons why Uncle Barry’s is on our list of the best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL.


  • Warren 77 – 77 Warren St., nr. Greenwich St


If by any chance you look for more luxurious bar to watch the games then this is the right place for you. Leather seats, nice décor and jazz on the speakers when the game is not on makes this bar perfect place for you and your friends. As with any other sports bar, they offer a great service and a large amount of craft beer. Their food is also great, starting with their wings and other snacks. So if you wish to watch a game in comfort be sure to visit this place.


  • Legends Bar – 71-04 35th Ave., Jackson Heights


Searching for and old school kind a bar? Visit Legends bar! It will give you that vibe you get from the bars in small towns, where all people are friends and they all know each other. But that is a great plus in this place! You will make friends here easily and the service is friendly and warm. They will offer you free snacks just so they can keep you in longer. Yes the goal is to sell more beer but in the end, they deserve it after all the attention they give to their guests. Visit it sometimes if you are into that “family feeling” kind of bars.

As with any list, this one can go on and on. It would take us a lot of time to present you with all the best Brooklyn sports bars to watch NFL so we chose those that we think you will enjoy the most. If you have any suggestions to our list, leave a comment and tell us about your experience! We can’t wait to hear from you!