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Best cities for college graduates

One of the biggest chapters in life is over. The caps have been thrown. That hard-earned degree is finally in hands. It’s time to make your first big decision – Where to move after college. There are so many options. You may feel overwhelmed when considering where to start the next chapter of your personal and professional life. In order to help you, bellow’s the list of best cities for college graduates.

These cities are ideal for new college grads. Thanks to their thriving job markets, low unemployment rates, affordable housing options and a lot of fun things to do. Plus, each city has a high number of 22 to 29-year-olds. Which means you’ll be in good company.

Top 10 best cities for college graduates

Houston, Texas

Houston is first on the list of best cities for college graduates.  Not only does it boast a diverse culture. But it is home to numerous Fortune 500 company headquarters and offers excellent potential for job growth in the future. Houston also features low rent and high earnings. A combination of every new graduate looks for in their future city. Sports fans can look forward to professional football, soccer, basketball and baseball games. And residents who are interested in things far above ground can enjoy the goings-on at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Austin, Texas

When you are moving to the USA for college you can pick Austin. Austin is another Texas city that hits the second place on the list of best cities for college graduates. He has a low cost of living, a large number of tech companies in the area, low unemployment, and exceptional job growth. Grads looking for employment opportunities might consider looking at Austin’s key industries. Including clean energy and power, creative and digital media, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences. Texas’s capital city is also well known for its amazing live music scene. With many of nightlife options and excellent predicted job growth, it’s no surprise that such a large percentage of young adults call Austin home.

Austin, Texas is considered as one of the best cities for college graduates

Austin. Texas

Denver, Colorado

Colorado’s capital city, Denver, is a hotspot for young people. Located just east of the Rocky Mountains, it’s an ideal place for outdoor recreation of all kinds. Such as hiking, skiing or climbing. You can also enjoy indoor activities, such as dining in one of the more than 5,000 restaurants. Or at one of the cocktail lounges, pubs, breweries or distilleries.

Colorado has the highest predicted job growth rate of any we profiled, and Denver has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Those combined facts can translate into good employment opportunities for new grads. Especially in one of the city’s top industries. Such as financial services, advanced manufacturing, bioscience, defense and homeland security, and energy and natural resources. You can’t say that this isn’t making Denver one of the best cities for college graduates.

Columbus, Ohio

Leaving home for college can be difficult but Columbus is special. Because it has so much to offer to young people who want to start their post-college life. In terms of career potential, new grads can pursue jobs with major employers. Like the state or federal government, Nationwide Insurance, Ohio State University, Ohio Health… Columbus offers new grads an extremely low cost of living. For life outside of work, Columbus residents can enjoy multiple concert venues, numerous museums, and professional sports events. Such as hockey, soccer, and baseball. Also, there are many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. And the city boasts miles of multi-use trails.

Columbus, Ohio

Ohio is a great place for living.

Phoenix, Arizona

Another city on the list of best cities for college graduates is Phoenix, capital of Arizona. This Southwestern desert city offers so much for young people to see and do. With its ample opportunities for outdoor recreation like climbing and hiking. To its numerous museums, restaurants, bars, and professional sports arenas. The state featured the fourth-highest predicted the job growth rate. So its future looks very bright in terms of economic health. New grads who choose to move to Phoenix can seek employment in top industries. Like health care, finance, government, mining, aerospace, and education.

Boston, MA

Many graduates move to Boston. Why? Boston is a city of significant historical importance to the U.S. He is also ripe with modern-day action and activities for fresh college graduates. The city features numerous landmarks, a rich economy perfect for building any career. Boston has world-class colleges and universities like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. For those who might want to pursue an advanced degree. Or who simply want to live in an area that’s buzzing with intellectual activity. This city also featured some of the highest median wages making it a top contender for college graduates who want to maximize their income potential once they graduate.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known as “Music City U.S.A.” for good reason. He is home to numerous bars featuring live music as well as performing arts venues featuring country music favorites. The capital city can offer so much to do and see. From the Grand Ole Opry to Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame. And bustling downtown area filled with fun bars and famous eateries.

Nashville, Tennessee

Your choice can be Nashville.

Nashville is also an affordable place to live, with low rents and an affordable cost of living compared to most big cities. Unsurprisingly, the leisure and hospitality industry is a key employer in Nashville. But job-seekers may also find opportunities in professional and business services. Also education and health services, and trade, transportation, and utilities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is one of the best cities for college graduates. Because of its affordability and plentiful opportunity for young people. Minneapolis has some large companies. Which is part of the reason why the city features such a low unemployment rate? New grads that choose to live here can look forward to plenty of activities. Including professional sports, arts and leisure, and bars.

And in the end  – you can easily find yourself a reliable mover and enjoy this adventure!