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Best colleges and universities in Nevada

Picking a college or university is an important decision that will shape your future. There are many choices, and you have to make sure you made the best one! To help you with that decision, I decided to write this article and talk about the best colleges and universities in Nevada. 

Best colleges and universities in Nevada

Now, where to start? When looking for a college or a university, you have to think about many factors. First of all, your finances. Some educational facilities are more expensive than others. Furthermore, living on a student’s budget isn’t easy. Next, take into consideration the location. Going away for college will probably require you to move to another city or a state. If you never lived outside of your home, that step might be hard to take.

A public study room for students, present in all the best best colleges and universities in Nevada.

Many of the best colleges and universities in Nevada have huge libraries and study rooms for students.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry. Many young people took it and made fantastic results in their lives, and so will you! Nevada is full of phenomenal opportunities, so let’s look at them together!

Nevada State College

The first on our list of the best colleges and universities in Nevada is Nevada State College in Henderson. It is very diverse when it comes to population, and the acceptance rate is over 84%. Some of the more popular majors are Business, Psychology, and Nursing. Price per year is a bit more than $15,000, and that’s after the financial aid for students.

The college is still developing, and there are new buildings being built every year. Students agree that the professors are engaging and caring, and they can get the classes they want. There is the possibility for online classes for those students who have a job. The campus is fairly small, which means that all classes are a 5-7 minute walk away from the dorm. Also, parking is free! If you decide for Nevada State College, you should find local professionals when moving to Henderson!

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

It is not easy to choose the right college for you. However, the more options you have, the more informed decision you can make. With that in mind, let’s talk about the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The institution is fairly large, with the acceptance rate over 81%. Among the popular majors, you can find Criminal Justice, Psychology, Safety, and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Average tuition is around $11,500.

It is a diverse, friendly, and vibrant environment, and the sports activities are a big part of the campus. The university really invests into students, and you may find many free tutoring lessons all around the place. There is a large library free for all residents of Las Vegas. Furthermore, gym and rec center membership is free for all students. The UNLV is a facility you must take into consideration!

Sierra Nevada College

Besides being beautiful tourism location, Lake Tahoe is also home to Sierra Nevada College. This talented and prestigious faculty offers the possibility to educate yourself and have a successful career in life. Their goal is to inspire students, push them forward, and support them all the way to the end. The acceptance rate is around 69%, probably due to a bit of heftier prices. Average tuition is around $28,500, but the knowledge you will get for that money is superb. They specialize in Finances, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and International Business. Of course, there are many other directions you can take, like Marketing, Psychology, or Environmental Science, etc.

A dollar on a book.

The tuition fees are high, so always take your students budget into consideration when picking a college.

According to students, the campus is beautiful. It is located in the mountains, and there is a ski resort nearby. It is easy to find internships and job opportunities, especially via the connections on the campus.

University of Nevada, Reno

Another amazing university worth checking out is the University of Nevada in Reno. It is a large, above-average establishment, with the acceptance rate close to 90%. If you wish to learn about Nutrition, Foods, Wellness Studies, or Psychology and Business, this is the university for you. The average cost is around $16,00 per year. However, the reason why the University of Nevada in Reno is on the list of the best colleges and universities in Nevada is the education and the opportunities it offers. According to various studies, the salary you can get after a couple of years is close to $50,000 per year.

Students claim that the professors are easy to work with, and they give their best to teach you and inspire you. The University invested a lot of money in students, and they have all the best learning tools. You can easily find many free tutoring centers, libraries, review sessions, and if you wish you can find a job as well. It is abundant with clubs, fraternities, and many different organizations, all to provide the best experience for your social life. Furthermore, the place is diverse in population, and the LGBT community is strong and well respected.

Two students hug after graduation.

Graduating from college is the first step toward a better life.

Moving to college

Choosing the best college often takes a lot of time, but don’t forget to think about finding a moving company. Relocating for college is stressful for many reasons, and you will want that everything goes smooth and easy. For that reason, a company like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas is the perfect choice for you, since they specialize in all Nevada related relocations.

To summarize

As you can see, there are plenty of educational facilities in Nevada to choose from. However, I always advise everyone to not limit their possibilities. Do additional research on your own, as there are a lot of fantastic college towns all over the US.

Nevertheless, best colleges and universities in Nevada are a great choice to consider. Put all of your needs and wishes on paper and get to work! Your future awaits!