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Best Colleges in Michigan

Making a college choice is a life-changing decision. You have to be very careful when you are picking the college that is going to be perfect for you. Michigan offers many great options for higher education. This city is home to almost 100 colleges. From large public universities to private liberal arts colleges. Prospective students are likely to find something that speaks to their passions and personalities. In order to help you in your search, here you can find the list of best colleges in Michigan. This can help you to estimate not only which schools are relevant to your interests. But also which ones can fit financially for you and your family.

This ranking is based on both academic qualities. Acceptance rates, endowment size, and other statistics. As well as how much you’ll end up paying for college versus. And what you can expect to earn once you’ve graduated. So, if moving to Michigan for college is your decision, consider this list.

College class students on best colleges in Michigan

College class students

Best colleges in Michigan 

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 

The University of Michigan is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The University of Michigan is made up of nearly twenty colleges and schools. That includes more than twelve undergraduate schools. This university is among the best colleges in Michigan for its research-intensive programs in healthcare and medicine. Through a broad range of majors in liberal arts and sciences are available.

Of the more than 44,000 students on campus, over 79% participate in student clubs and organizations. They are targeting sports and outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, and student leadership. The University of Michigan is one of America’s most bike-friendly and sustainable communities. And he was named the number one College Town by Forbes. So, don’t wait to hire Verified Movers and come.

Michigan State University 

Located on a 5,200-acre campus, Michigan State University is a public research institution and one of the best colleges in Michigan. Founded in 1855, Michigan State served as the prototype for other land-grant colleges in the city. The university was also the first in the U.S. with programs in nuclear physics, organizational psychology, and rehabilitation counseling.

College life on American Universities can never be boring. That’s why this University offers more than 200 programs. Including more than 15 degree-granting colleges with a focus in liberal arts, science, medicine, and engineering. Undergraduate, graduate and professional programs are available. There is a range of different on-campus housing options. Including multiple undergraduate halls, a graduate hall, and several apartment villages. The campus also features a variety of athletic, cultural and entertainment facilities.


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Michigan Technological University 

Michigan Technological University is a public research institution in Houghton, Michigan. And first created to train engineers that worked in the local copper mines. University gives more than 130 programs at all levels of education through five colleges and schools. Including professional programs and graduate certificates. As one of the best colleges in Michigan is known for its STEM programs. But has a strong humanities program as well.

Students on campus can participate in more than 220 campus activities. Many of them promote outdoor adventures. Like seeing the Northern Lights, boat races on the Keweenaw Waterway, and a Winter Carnival. University is home to 14 varsity athletic sports. Including the NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey team. As well as intramurals involving human ice bowling, broomball tournaments, and more.

Madonna University 

Madonna is one of the best colleges in Michigan. Build in 1937 by the Felician Sisters to provide liberal arts education in the Catholic and Franciscan traditions. The university offers dozens of majors and programs across six schools and colleges. MU is the first and only among colleges in Michigan to host an independent gerontology department. As well as a national pioneer of sign language studies and hospice education programs.

On the other hand, Madonna takes great pride in its student-run media outlets. Students are encouraged to express their voice through various mediums. Allowing them to have debates about issues that hit both the school and the surrounding community. The school’s networks include a variety of print publications, a radio station, and a television station. If you like this college and you want to move here than you are probably going to need these tips for hiring affordable college student movers.

Kalamazoo College 

Kalamazoo Colleges is a private liberal arts college that was founded in 1833. This college isn’t only the oldest art college in Michigan, but also in the nation. The university offers dozens of majors, minors, and academic programs spanning seven schools and colleges. Including Fine Arts, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages and Literature, and more. And – there are over 1,400 undergraduate students at Kalamazoo College. Most of them live on campus among the 6 residence halls. The school sponsors over 70 clubs and student organizations, including club sports and intramurals.


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Calvin College – one of the best colleges in Michigan!

Calvin College is a private 4-year school. Presently, the school offers online courses as a summer program only. But College actively supports internships. Over 82% of all students complete an internship as part of their academic experience. The university offers more than 100 undergraduate programs across 10 schools and colleges. The focus is on a range of interests, from business to fine arts to STEM research.

Dozens of majors, minors, concentrations, and pre-professional programs are available. Around 97% of first and second-year students at Calvin live on campus. There’re seven dorm buildings and more than 70 student organizations for those in residence. The school is home to 21 athletics teams.