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Best colleges in North Carolina

You have decided that you are going to college and you are trying to find one that will suit you perfectly. You are calculating the expenses, thinking where you will live and similar. There is a lot of decision you need to make once you decide to go to college. We know, it sometimes can be scary entering the adult life, but also it will be exciting and you will get to make all of the decision on your own. You need to choose one of so many best colleges in North Carolina. And also, you will need to handle that move on your own.

Choosing the best college

You need to ask yourself what do you want from life and where you see yourself in 10 years. You need to think about your professional interests, and you need to do all of that before you move. Those decisions are hard, and our advice is to look for the best colleges in North Carolina. There are some of the best private and public colleges, from large universities to small schools. In North Carolina, you will find the best 2-year and 4-your schools. So, you can easily fit in and find something that will help you to get the best possible education.

a lot of doors that represent choosing Best colleges in North Carolina

You will have to make so many choices, so choose carefully

But also the big question is how are you going to move there. You can find affordable services for nationwide moves but you need to do your part as well. So, you need to decide where are you going to live, plan a budget and check all the costs. You can’t simply just pack a few bags in a car and move since you are going to live in North Caroline for a long period of time.

Best colleges in North Carolina

There are a lot of schools in North Carolina and you probably know a lot of them. We are here to provide you with all the information about the best colleges in North Carolina so you can make a decision easily.

Duke University

You probably have heard about Duke University. It is a private research school and it is almost 200 years old. Duke University is divided into 10 schools and it has a big variety of programs. In 2018, it is located in 9th place in National universities. Duke is famous for its medical program, sports, engineering, and law. There is the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, where 18 students of each program get a full four-year scholarship. Also, they have one of the best research library systems divided into four branches. Important thing is that their graduation rate that is 95%. That is what places Duke University in one of the best colleges in North Carolina and also nationwide.

library with a lot of students

They have one of the best libraries in the world

University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is considered to be one of the best colleges in North Carolina for a reason. They are the first national public university and since 1789 they are striving to provide students with rigorous academic programs. They have 78 different programs that give you the best possible knowledge. Also, they provide you with the best possible knowledge for a reasonable price. Among their alumni, they even have 2 Nobel laureate. Their graduation rate is more than 91%.

Wake Forest University

It is a private school that can offer its students something unique – Wake’s study abroad programs that exist in more than 70 countries around the world. Almost 60% of students use this and that way they are able to get more experience. They offer small class sizes and therefore you have the opportunity to work with your professors closely. Also, important thing is that more than half of the student body is a part of Greek organizations, so you can actually consider living in a dorm room here.

Davidson College

This is a private college as well, but it is quite small. They have about 2,000 undergraduate students, that can choose from 26 major programs. It is known as one of the strongest liberal arts colleges. Something that makes them different from the rest of the schools is their Honor code, that started in 1837. It is a tradition that ensures that all of the students have freedom. Also, their graduation rate is more than 95%. Since this is a quite high rate, you might wonder why is that. Well, students work with faculty members to develop original research and they get help to advance in their field of interest.

North Carolina State University—Raleigh

Raleigh is a research university that exists from 1887. They are known for the best programs in the fields of math, the humanities and social sciences, and veterinary medicine. They have a mixed offer of internships, co-ops that provide their students with the best possible knowledge that can prepare them to have a successful career. Transfer students are also a big part of this university and they are proud of it. They can offer you good knowledge for a reasonable amount of money. And that is the fact that puts them on the list of the best colleges in North Carolina.

glasses on top of a open book

You will have to learn hard to be the best!

Salem College

This college was founded in 1772 and it is considered to be the oldest women college in the United States. The most popular and best college programs here are education, business administration, and sociology. Although they are officially considered to be women’s college, Salem admits males over 23 years. They have a cross-registration with Wake Forest University, so you can take a course that is not available in Salem there.

Moving to North Carolina

So, here you have a list of the best colleges in North Carolina, but also the big question is how are you going to move there. Are you going to hire a professional moving company or you will do I on your own? If you are thinking about hiring a moving company we advise to check Moving Kings NC  since they can be a good choice. They have different options and prices, depending on your needs. As we mentioned, you are going to spend a lot of time in North Carolina. So you need to move there stress-free and just enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in your life.