A Student Holding A Bag And A Book Before Going To Some Of The Best Colleges In Northern Virginia.

Best colleges in Northern Virginia

Virginia is a state that features some of the greatest colleges and opportunities for different careers. Some of the biggest employers in Virginia are those related to office and administrative support, health care, business, and finance sectors. Because of that fact, most colleges here are oriented towards programs that can help their students find a job easily and start their careers right after graduating college. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to study something else. Quite the contrary! Virginia prides itself on having 81 colleges and universities, each of which has many different degree programs. Thus if you are graduating from high school soon or you are just somebody who plans on continuing his or her studies, consider Virginia. Here are some of the best colleges in Northern Virginia you should consider. Keep on reading. 

George Washington University – one of the best colleges in Northern Virginia

The main campus of George Washington University is located right in Washington DC. However, this university has a graduate school in Northern Virginia. Its address is at 20101 Academic Way in Ashburn. Here, you can enroll in one of 20 different degree programs. The main focus of George Washington University is on health sciences, engineering, business leadership, education, and information technology. All of these programs offer a great education for students. And, not only that, they offer some of the best professors in the state, as well as approximately 20 research labs, institutes, and centers. Thus, if you already found a program you like, consider starting your education at George Washington University. Moving there is easy. Just make sure to find help or hire a moving company like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV to help you out. 

Students graduating

George Washington University is one of the best colleges in Northern Virginia as it has a graduation rate of 92%.

George Mason University

This university is located right in the heart of Northern Virginia. To be exact, its address is 4400 University Dr. Fairfax, VA 22030. However, that is the location of George Mason’s main campus. There are 5 additional campuses. They are located in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Prince William, Arlington, and Loudoun. Each of these fine institutions offers a variety of programs. So, do not worry about moving. Moving services that meet your needs are easy to find. Make sure you find the best program for yourself. 

What is more, George Mason is one of the best colleges in Northern Virginia as it is the most diverse one. While studying here, you will certainly learn a lot about different cultures and languages. And, who knows, maybe your best friend will become someone from Europe or Australia. And, maybe you will have to adapt to living with roommates from all over the world. This college prides itself on being a home for students of not only different education but of different backgrounds and nationalities. 

Northern Virginia Community College

Northern Virginia Community college is the largest educational institution not only in Northern Virginia but in the entire state. There are campuses in 7 different areas – Reston, Woodbridge, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun,  Manassas, and Annandale. So, where you will go depends on the degree program you choose. The programs most students here choose are related to architecture, information systems, and law. Thus, if you like what you hear and find interest in some of these programs, do not hesitate to enroll. After graduating from a two-year program here, you will be able to easily transfer to a four-year college. Moreover, you will have a blast. Most of your fellow students will be local. Thus, getting to know Virginia and its culture will come naturally.

However, as most of the students here either live nearby or commute, you will probably have to do so too! Yes, there are dorms on the campuses, but not a lot of them. But, do not worry, finding a home will be easy and cheap. Most apartments and houses here are meant for students, thus do not worry about that when moving even to a distant city.

A college student showing a thumb up for the best colleges in Northern Virginia.

If you want to have a great education as well as meet some great people, Northern Virginia Community College is the way to go.

University of Mary Washington

This university is located at 1301 College Ave Fredericksburg, VA 22401. And, Washington DC is just an hour away. Currently, there are around 4,800 students attending classes. However, what makes the University of Mary Washington one of the best colleges in Northern Virginia is the fact that students can attend classes online. So, wherever you are in the world, yes, you can enroll. There are more than 60 undergraduate programs for students. Some of the major ones include theatre, sociology, and geology.

Outside of the class, students are can also participate in some of the many activities that can enhance their educational experience. For instance, every student gets an opportunity to study abroad, complete an internship, attend a faculty-led trip, etc. And, after that, finding a job after moving out of your college dorm will be a piece of cake.

Two graduates hugging.

If you are looking for some of the best colleges that offer great out-of-class experiences, consider the University of Mary Washington.

Institute for the Psychological Sciences

Last but definitely not the least college on our list of the best colleges of northern Virginia is the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. This institute is located at 2001 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington, VA 22202. It is important to mention that this is a Catholic graduate school too! And, why? Because, here, students focus on the psychology that studies the Catholic understanding of the person, marriage, and the family.

However, if you enroll, you do not have to stop once you graduate. This institute offers master’s and doctor’s degrees too. You can finish everything in one place. Unfortunately, there is not a campus surrounding this institute, so you will have to find accommodation by yourself. Luckily, there are many areas around the Institute especially meant for students. These areas are vibrant and inviting, thus, there is no reason to worry. Good luck!