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Best colleges – Texas edition

Are you thinking about getting your first degree somewhere in Texas? That’s a great idea! This state has many great education options to offer you. And especially if you’re originally from the Lone Star State – don’t think you have to move away too far to attend college! There are some great options near you, and be sure to check them out before looking for the best colleges in other areas of the US. Don’t worry though – your search won’t be too difficult! Because we’ve prepared a few tips to get you started.

Rice University – one of the best colleges in the entire country

If you’re thinking about looking for a college right smack dab in the heart of Texas – look no further! Because our first pick is just what you’re looking for should you decide to move short distance for college. Rice University is a great school, and it’s right in the heart of the Museum District in the city of Houston. Moving here means having a really vigorous student life, full of many opportunities for a good time. You’ve got the famous Valhalla Pub as one of the most famous pubs that’s run by the students themselves on the campus. And speaking of the campus – prepare and start your move right away, because campus life is a blast at Rice University!

But enough about the social activities – it’s not really all just fun and games! In fact, Rice Universities has eight different schools, all of which rank highly in their respective fields. So, for example, you’ve got the famous George R. Brown School of Engineering, but also the Shepherd School of Music. You can also find plenty of interesting guest lecturers and seminars at Rice, as well as the Institute for Public policy, an influential think-tank.

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Texas has some of the best colleges when it comes to art majors!

The University of Texas at Austin – a large public school

If you’ve got negative prejudices towards public institutions, the University of Texas at Austin is here to dispel them completely! It’s a great university for all Texans, and everyone else as well! First of all, it’s an old school, with a founding that dates back to 1883. Also, let’s just say it won’t be difficult to find great company at Texas – Austin; because more than 40 000 students enroll each year! It’s got a really huge and sprawling campus going for it too, basically a city unto itself.

You’ll make plenty of friends here

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Texas – Austin is not exactly a small school. On the contrary – we’re talking about one of the largest schools in the entire nation, so socializing in college won’t be an issue here. This is one of the reasons it’s one of the best colleges in Texas as well. It’s got eighteen different colleges and schools, but the biggest one is definitely the College of Liberal Arts. Apart from that, you’ll find many engineering, business and management schools and courses at the University of Texas at Austin. And such a large student body definitely comes with some perks. Texas – Austin has got one of the most developed networks of student organizations you’ll find in the entire United States!

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Texas Austin has some excellent options for business majors!

Southern Methodist University – a great school for pragmatists

Okay, next up on our list is a really interesting school – the Southern Methodist University. And why, pray tell, is it so interesting? Well, on one hand, it is definitely a school with a religious affiliation – that much is obvious. But on the other, it’s a very practically-oriented school. For starters, the curriculum is definitely nonsectarian, so don’t concern yourself too much if you’re not United Methodist. And if you are – start thinking about how to pack for moving, because this is the perfect school for you! And right here in Texas!

A great Dallas school

The University is in Dallas, so you can enjoy everything that city has to offer, including stuff like the Dallas International Film Festival. On the other hand, if you don’t live nearby already, you’ll need to find some moving assistance options to choose from. But you should know – the area is known for its extremely sunny weather. Because of this, the Southern Methodist University has many great outdoor activities! But let’s talk about what you’re here for – the education itself. You’ll be happy to learn that the Southern Methodist University is not lacking in this regard! Here you’ll find some pretty reputable business and law schools. And that’s not all – the program of SMU orients its students toward their futures in a very practical way. The school focuses on their students being able to land jobs in mere months after graduating. So if you’re thinking along the same lines – SMU is the right place for you!

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You’ll find a great practical law school here!

Texas A&M University – the pride of the state

Lastly, there’s really no talking about the best colleges in Texas without mentioning Texas A&M University. This school is the pride of the entire state of Texas – a true intellectual powerhouse. Now you’re probably wondering – what does the ‘A&M’ stand for? Well, the University dates back to 1876, exactly a century after the start of American independence. Back then, it was the Agricultural and Mechanical College – but the name is much shorter nowadays. In many ways, this University represents a young country finding its soul and culture – just like its students do! An interesting piece of trivia is the fact that the school used just for men, but today it is coed like most schools.

A&M is the first public university in Texas – and it boasts the kind of opportunities you’d expect from such a place. There’s a really great choice of student activities and interesting majors for all students. Indeed, here you won’t find the college life and activities lacking. It’s also the largest public university in Texas, with the greatest student body.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking – you’ve heard of a great school in Texas we haven’t mentioned; so is it any good? Well, you should know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best colleges in Texas. But if you do your research properly before you decide on a school, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your choice!