A Student Reading A Book In The Park In One Of The Best Neighborhoods In Manhattan For Students.

Best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students

We will show you some of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students and after that, you can take your pick. We took everything that a student might need into consideration. This is what we found for you. We will also show you how to get to your new place in Manhattan, don’t worry.

The posh neighborhood – Upper East Side

For the few lucky ones who don’t have to worry about money, rent, and such things this is the best part of Manhattan. It’s so nice and urban but unfortunately, it is pretty expansive and that’s why it can be out of reach for many students to get their first apartment here.

A street in one one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students.
There are a lot of great neighborhoods the only problems are prices.

The most affordable neighborhood – Harlem

Students who have to work and study and still pay their rent usually choose Harlem. This was once a rough part of New York but not anymore. Now, this is an up-and-coming area. This place has some pretty amazing nightlife and great stand-up clubs you can enjoy when you don’t have a lot of studying to do. If you move here you can DIY some home improvements and have a great place.

The best neighborhood for students – Chelsea

According to our research, this is the best place for students in Manhattan. The prices are reasonable (for this area) and there are a lot of students here. Young professionals also like this place because there are a lot of job opportunities to be found. Of course, you will have plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks you can enjoy in your free time. If you decide to relocate here make sure to enlist the help of experts.

Honorable mentions

These three neighborhoods are not the only good options for students. There are plenty more, but singling them all out will be impossible. That’s why we are going to leave you a list of the neighborhoods in Manhattan for students that you should research as well :

  • West Village
  • Hells Kitchen
  • Morningside Heights
  • Little Italy

No matter which neighborhood in Manhattan you choose you should call reliable movers like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC to help you out.

The view of Manhattan.
Manhattan can offer a lot to students and young professionals.

Moving to a new neighborhood

Make sure to download some moving and packing apps. That can help you a lot. Hiring professionals will do the trick when it comes to heavy lifting or packing. If you need some help with decluttering before packing call your friends.

If you start feeling homesick

Just know that this is a normal response to a big change in your life and you won’t feel blue for a long time. Make sure to call your family and friends often and that will help you to feel better.