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Best places in Bergen County, NJ for raising a family

If you are moving to NJ you can’t make a mistake if you decide to move to Bergen County. This is not only one of the best places to settle in Garden State but also all of the US. This county is a perfect choice if you want a quieter and calmer lifestyle suitable for families with children. Here, you can find plenty of neighborhoods and small towns that are family-friendly and nearly perfect. So, if NJ sparks your interest then find out more about the best places in Bergen County. These will be the best places to raise a family here.

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More about Bergen County

Although Bergen County is part of the greater New York City metropolitan area it is quite a different place. The County maintains its uniqueness and a calmer quieter environment. Bergen County is very well connected to Manhattan and NJ and can provide a diverse social, educational, and cultural offering. Clearly, this is a place that can offer the best of both worlds. A quiet lifestyle is worthy of the Garden States reputation well away from the bustle of the big cities and all of the culture and emancipation these big cities have to offer. With this in mind, New Jersey and Bergen County are the places people run to after college and when they want to raise a family. However, there are a lot of places to choose from when you want to settle in. Many locations in this county are simply perfect for families. So, making the choice can be difficult. However, a shortlist of the best places in Bergen County to raise a family must include:

  • Ridgewood
  • Allendale
  • Tenafly
  • Englewood Cliffs
  • Glen Rock
  • Haworth

It is worth noting that all of these places are more or less similar. They offer a great environment for raising a family and taking care of kids. Choosing between them is only a question of defining your particular needs and finding the place that best suits them. So, with this in mind, we can group certain places from this list to get you better informed. The choice you make will depend solely on your preferences and needs.

A street in one of the Best places in Bergen County
Bergen County offers a great family-friendly atmosphere

Ridgewood is one of the best places in Bergen County

This is one of the most expensive places to live on this list. However, Ridgewood offers great job opportunities and salaries here are relatively high. So, in this case, you can still live quite a leisurely lifestyle here as your income will be enough to cover the higher cost of living. Besides this, you should know that Ridgewood has a very tight-knit community making the place seem like it is all one big family. The place is friendly and safe so raising your kids here will seem to be a breeze. It also provides a good educational system. The schools are top-notch providing a welcoming and safe atmosphere for new arrivals.

Glen Rock and Haworth

Both of these cities are not much different from the others on this list. They offer a welcoming and warm atmosphere to anyone moving in. These communities have a specific charm and calmness that Bergen County is known for. The crime rate is the lowest possible making the environment safe for families. Both of these places offer a lot of opportunities for families and children. And given their reputation are inviting those looking to buy the property and settle here. Investing in property here can be a sound investment decision as these cities are experiencing property appreciation and a steady rise in prices.

A street in one of the best places in Bergen County
Check out the best places in Bergen County.

Englewood Cliffs

One of the best places to consider moving to is certainly Englewood Cliffs. This city perfectly reflects all that Bergen County provides. In addition, it is situated just a few miles from NYC making it perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and high process of the Big Apple. This proximity makes the city that is quite urban seem even more cosmopolitan than it is. The center is full of diverse dining options and many great restaurants. The shopping options are great and the community is diverse about tight-knit. The overall atmosphere of the city is that it is inviting and welcoming. This is why the city is in high demand. the housing options are quite diverse and demand makes the prices rise significantly. Despite this, the great schooling system and safe atmosphere make it popular with commuters looking for a more quiet environment to raise a family. The city is experiencing a rise in its population with more and more people and families moving in.

If you are thinking about moving to Bergen County and escaping the bustle of NYC then Englewood Cliffs is the place for you. All you have to do is look for a perfect place to buy or rent and settle in with your family. After you find what you need you can simply turn to specialists to have your belongings relocated. With some professional help when moving in you will be able to easily settle in and adapt to this new environment quickly.

Allendale and Tenafly

if you are looking for a family-friendly and inviting environment you will have no reason to look further than Allendale and Tenafly. These cities offer a low crime rate and a welcoming environment. Any newcomers are welcomed here with open arms. The communities of both cities are inviting and helpful so you won’t have any issues adapting to this new environment. This is why many families choose to move here. In addition, the schools and colleges here are great and can offer kids the best education possible. Although both New Jersey and New York City are pretty close these places still preserve their warm and welcoming small-town feel. However, this proximity also marked these cities as great for those looking for something more in terms of socializing and working in these big adjacent cities.

A house in Jersey
The small town feel and warmth of Bergen County is the reason people tend to move here

Bergen County – a place to be

It is clear that New Jersey as a state and particularly Bergen County has a certain uniqueness and great feel. This is the place perfect for a slow-paced, quiet, and relaxed lifestyle. This is also a great place if you worry about safety and want to have an easy time raising children. So, Bergen County is certainly the place for you. However, you will need to pick one from a list of the best places in Bergen County. Research more to find the one that suits your family’s needs and sensibilities the best.