Best places to move if you are a college grad

Congratulations! If you are on this page, that means that you have graduated. And that is an incredible achievement and you should be proud. Now when you have finished with the exams and textbooks and partying, now that several years of your life are all neatly wrapped up in one degree and several hundred of embarrassing pictures, now the rest of your life begins. But where?

If you are a college grad, people probably expect a lot of things from you now. You should know what you want to do, and how the rest of your life should look like. But, chances are you don’t even know where do you want to live. Yikes! Don’t worry, as always we got you covered. So, before you dig in the rest of our advice regarding your relocation (that you can find here), let’s just make sure that you know where should you move. We have done some extensive research and we have found out what are the best places to move if you are a college grad. So, kick back, relax and pick your favorite. grads should move to Washington, D.C.

It comes as a no surprise that our nation’s capital will make the cut. When choosing where you should relocate you should consider a large number of factors and Washington will offer you not only a lot of job opportunities but also a chance to stay fit and healthy. It has been ranked No. 1 when it comes to this, very important criteria. If you want to check the status of other cities you might be considering, you can do that here. And if you are looking to settle down, you will be happy to know that the prices of the real estate didn’t increase in the area, so perhaps there is hope for the millennials and home ownership after all.

2.Big Apple is waiting for fresh college graduates

Well, there is another no brainer here. If you are still craving adventure, busy life and a lot of activities, take a big bite and make sure that NY does not spit you out. Studies show that a lot of people in their twenties should move to New York before settling down and focus not only on pursuing their career but also exploring in other areas of their life as well. The cost of living there is quite expensive, but so are your ambitions, so don’t sell yourself short.

3.Have you considered Boston, MA?

Perhaps you are still struggling between choosing a big, energetic life in the city, or picking out a white fence and living in the suburbs. Well, how about choosing the middle? Boston offers you both, so perhaps this is where you should move if you are a college graduate. There are so many universities close to Boston that you will always be surrounded by people your age, but you will also be able to enjoy very moderate prices of rent, restaurants and living costs in general.

4.If you are a tech graduate, check out Austin, Texas.

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect this town to be on this list, but you will be surprised to hear that it has the third best job market in the country. Quite astonishing, isn’t it. It is very affordable, and you will not be bored, because all those tech companies that are opening jobs are also filled with young, adventurous people who are creating a lot of fun events for fresh graduates to enjoy.

5.If you are looking for a change of pace, consider San Jose, CA.

Not all college graduates are looking forward to more years of partying and nonstop adventures. Perhaps, you don’t fit these criteria, and you would rather move to a city that is cheaper, healthier and cleaner. Well, look no further cause San Jose is a city that offers all that to new graduates. It won’t come as a surprise that is has been voted one of the least stressful cities in America. So, unless you want anxiety and an empty wallet, we have just found your dream place.

6. Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota, the most livable city in America

Do you really need to look any further than the place that has such a title? If you are a college graduate looking for a place that will become your new home in years to come, there is no way you will find any place that fits the criteria better. It is everything you need, in case you weren’t paying attention. You were looking for something that is:

  • Affordable
  • Has as decent job market
  • Safe and healthy
  • Has a lot of activities for new graduates?

Well, perhaps it wouldn’t be your first pick, but it should be your last. It is very well organized and structured and the local government does a great job in assisting newcomers. So, start packing!

When picking your new place to live when you are a college grad you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Yes, you do want to move somewhere where you can easily find a job but you are still pretty young and you want to have some fun. So, make sure that you have found the perfect balance and that you, as a brand new college graduate, will enjoy your new city. Not every person can fit into every environment, so now that you are not bound by other people’s wishes and budget, make sure that you have found your perfect fit. It’s okay to explore and travel a little, think twice and second guess because this is a very important decision after all!

We hope you found this article helpful, so keep checking our blog for more helpful advice! And, man, congratulations!