A Group Of Young People Discussing The Best Student-friendly Cities In Washington

Best student-friendly cities in Washington

There are a lot of student-friendly cities in Washington you can choose from. This state is overall a great place for students and young adults. When it comes to prices they are somewhere near the national average which is pretty reasonable. Utilities are a bit cheaper than the average so that’s good. So, let’s check out some cities that might be a good fit for you as a student.

How to look for student-friendly cities in Washington

There are a few criteria you should consider when choosing the right place for you among student-friendly cities in Washington. Affordability surely is one of them. Students often can’t work full time and earn a lot so they need to rent an affordable apartment. Some take roommates so they can share costs. The proximity of your college is also a very important factor. You want to be near your school and not spend every day few hours traveling. Maybe you should also consider what kind of public transportation this city offers, especially if you don’t own a car yet (don’t worry there will be time for that). So let’s start with our list of cities in Washington you should definitely consider.

students at school
This is going to be a new and exciting chapter of your life.


Newcastle is a small city, but it’s known to be one of the best places to live in Washington. It has suburban charm and the best of all is that their public schools are highly rated. Almost all of them are above the average. Don’t be fooled by the looks of this small town – the nightlife scene is also pretty good. Most residents own their home here but there is a lot of renters too. If you have plans to relocate here then consider hiring professional movers. They can do so much more for you than just relocating you from point A to point B. For example, many students often need storage space. That’s because they have a lot of belongings and they tend to find small apartments first. So, if you need additional space for your belongings, professionals can solve this problem for you.

Another good choice for students – Bellevue

This is a much bigger city located across Lake Washington from Seattle. Also, it’s more expensive than Newcastle but there are some pretty good schools in Bellevue and there is plenty to do and see in this town so normally students love it here. There are also campuses here for students to live in. Living on campus is cheaper than renting an apartment here even if you have a roommate. In 2010, Bellevue was named the 4th best city to live in America. If after thorough research you decide to relocate here make sure to call movers like Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage to help you out.

Pullman one one of the safest student-friendly cities in Washington

Pullman is a nice, clean, safe, and secure city. Crime rates are very low making this city one of the safest in the state. That is always important to live in a safe environment no matter the age. But, what makes this town interesting for students is that it was ranked the 6th best college town in the country. So naturally many students are moving here for the schools, check them out and maybe you will too soon enough.


This is one of the most affordable cities in Washington that has great public schools. Almost all prices starting from housing to grocery are lower than the national average. Don’t worry this is also a very safe city! But, beware it can get very cold in here during winters. Weather-wise in Richland, the summers are hot and mostly clear and the winters are very cold, dry, and partly cloudy. Young people really care about the weather but it’s good to know so you can plan what to bring in case you are coming here.

Washington can be a great place for students.

Choosing one of those cities in Washinton and who can help you

Every one of those cities can be a great place for you, and there are a lot more you can choose from but our best advice is to pick a school first. Finishing a good school and getting a good education can mean a lot for your future. Maybe it can be a smart move to talk to your family members after all they love you and want what’s best for you.

When the time comes for relocation you will be needing a lot of help and now we will explain who can help you in those hectic moving days.

Packing to move to one of the student-friendly cities in Washington.
Movers can help you do this like a pro.

Hiring professional movers

Ok, so you found your school, you chose one of those cities in Washington that will work best for you and you found your apartment. Now is the time to relocate and reach the city stress-free. For most students, this will be the first relocation and it will mean moving from your childhood home. That can be overwhelming but don’t worry this means you are growing up and becoming independent. That is always good. Hiring professional movers is the only way to make this relocation stress-free. But they can do so much more than just moving you from one city to another (or one state to another). They always have some useful additional services in order to help you out.

Settling in

Our best advice here is to unpack as soon as you can. That way you can settle in your new place quickly and start exploring your new town. Make sure to make some new friends and meet your next-door neighbors. That way you will feel less homesick.