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Buying your first apartment in Chicago: tips and hints

It doesn’t really matter if your reason for a relocation is college or if it is after you have finished one. You will want to buy your own apartment at some point in your life. And when you are buying your first apartment in Chicago, you will need all the tips and hints you can get to do it properly. You cannot exchange or return this if you don’t like it. In fact, buying an apartment is a huge and big purchase you have to deal with for a long time once it is done. As you probably already know, you cannot leave your childhood home unless you are ready for it. And to know if you are ready or not, you have to check out the following things we have prepared for you.

When buying your first apartment in Chicago, set a budget

You already know that buying an apartment is a big purchase. So everything needs to be perfect if you want to do it right. And the first and probably the main factor affecting this entire process is your financial situation. It all depends on how much money you can put aside for this. Remember that after this purchase, you still have to continue living your life normally, as you did until that moment. So, yes. To be able to have that amount of money, you need to save many years in advance. As a student, this is quite difficult to do. Maybe there is a fond where your parents were saving money as they were saving for your college. But still, you have to figure this out if you want your new apartment.

Because this is a situation where you would need a large amount of money, the best solution is to apply for a loan. As a student, you have more rights and an easier way of getting one. Even though you are not, we recommend you take care of your credit score and ensure you can get a loan. What you should do, as someone doing this for the first time, is contact banks and talk directly with them about this situation. That is the best way to avoid any miscommunication and problems you might have in the future. Remember that you’ll also need to pay the people to transport your furniture to the new place. And all those heavy pieces handled by experts won’t pay for themselves. So, hurry up and make sure you get that loan. You will need it.

Wooden little home with house keys.
Asking for a loan when buying your first apartment in Chicago is unavoidable.

Choosing the right location is also important

Living just wherever is not an option. When you can already buy your own home, you should also choose the location carefully. It is not only important because of your budget and how much money you are going to save by choosing an affordable apartment. You also don’t want to live far away from the important places where you will spend your days. For instance, that could be your college or even a job. Spending more than half an hour from home to that place is too much. Also, you want to have everything important nearby. In case of some emergencies, it is better to have a medical center nearby and even a police and fire station. Also, a grocery shop and pharmacy are nice to have around.

There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods in Chicago. You will choose the place depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and everyday obligations. Some of the people’s favorites are West Loop, River North, Andersonville, Lake View, Bucktown, West Town, and many others. Make sure you explore all of them before you make your final decision. Don’t rush anywhere. There is more than enough time to decide on everything. However, ensure you forget all those renter advice you were swearing by because you are about to become a buyer.

Check if you need to repair and replace something before buying an apartment in Chicago

Once you determine your budget and choose the neighborhoods you are most interested in, it is time to inspect the apartments you have been offered. Now, this is when you need to be very careful and patient because people are different, and you never know if someone wants to trick you. Make sure to bring someone who can inspect everything for you. Pipes, electrics, wires, heating, water, and so on. Everything needs to be in good condition so you can take it. If you notice that something needs to be repaired, make sure to notify the seller about it and start negotiating the price.

Nicely furnished living room that you might be the owner of after buying your first apartment in Chicago
Even if the apartment looks renovated and new, you must inspect it.

Make sure to hire realtors, it is better

In general, doing things for the first time can be scary. That is why people always seek professional help. Especially when there are many options, and they are insecure about them. When buying a new apartment, you should hire realtors to do the job for you. They are experienced and will find something at a fair price for you. You just have to say your budget. Because Chicago is one of the student-friendly places, all apartment sellers will be kind. However, you can never be sure.

Don’t forget that after you buy an apartment in Chicago, you have to hire movers and relocate

Now that a roof over your head is secured, there is only one thing left to do. You have to move in. And to do so, you need to hire a professional moving company. You need experts with this one, and it is unavoidable. You better start looking for them the moment you make this purchase.

Movers loading things in a truck.
With the right movers, moving will be easy and fast.

Throw a party to meet people from the neighborhood

After all the fuzz about buying your first apartment in Chicago is done, and you settle in, it’s party time. You should invite your neighbors to meet them and check out if you like the situation. Being friendly and open is a better option than shutting your door to people that will live around you.