A Young Couple Holding Hands And Discussing Moving In Together.

Can moving in together save a relationship?

Moving in together can definitely lower your living expenses. The same way people are looking for roommates to survive in big and expensive cities. But, can moving in together save a relationship? That is a totally different matter. The truth is, sometimes it can. However, you should not look at it as a way of saving your relationship. There are a lot of other elements that need to function so your move can be beneficial to both of you.

How can possibly moving in together save a relationship?

Moving together is a major step in any relationship. It’s not just a matter of mutual interest, it’s a matter of coexistence. Today, in a world of career chasing habits, and constant rush, people mostly think about themselves. Actually, it’s so incredibly stressful that we often forget about other people. Not to mention other people’s needs. So, it’s no wonder that many are unable to establish a healthy relationship. And in fact, that is a crucial thing if you plan to move in together.

Think about it and be honest to yourself

Moving in together only to save your relation is plain stupid. It beats the purpose because there are already enough issues since you have to save something. However, moving in to save and “upgrade” your relationship could work. But, you need to be honest with yourself about the reasons for doing so before you start packing your items. In other words, if you are doing it just because of the fear of being alone, then it won’t work.

Then talk and be honest with each other

If you are absolutely sure that you want it, talk to your partner. Be open and be honest. Generally, your relationship should be mature enough so you can openly discuss matters like this. Of course, listen to the other side and all the arguments. If this is something that will benefit your relationship, you will know it soon enough. Also, be ready to admit your mistakes and to work hard to make things right.

A couple riding bicycles and holding hands on the beach.

The trust is crucial in a mature relationship.

What are your reasons and future plans?

Besides the financial benefits, there should be many reasons for both of you to move in together:

  • of course, love is the first reason
  • need better circumstances to see each other more
  • function a lot better without others around you
  • you are both mature and respect other’s boundaries
  • don’t have issues with your partner’s personal time and space
  • you know each other very well (moving in after only 6 months is risky move)

Finally, one of the most important reasons for moving in together is that you are planning your future together. If both partners feel this way, even with temporary problems, moving in together is a great opportunity to set things right.

An elderly couple enjoying a walk.

They had their share of hard work.

Respecting personal space is vital when moving in together

It doesn’t matter how much you love and care for each other, sometimes people just need some personal space. In reality, no two persons are the same. They have different interests, hobbies, and simply put “a rhythm”. Having time only for yourself is a way to refill your batteries. In fact, even your own personal space is a completely normal thing. If you can respect the same thing for others, then you won’t have any problems with living together. After setting this, finding an apartment sounds like an easy task.

Can moving in together save a relationship? Yes, if you are both ready to work hard and be committed to making it work. Usually, there are sacrifices but they should be quickly balanced with all the enjoyable moments you will share together.