Office Relocation

Can your employees make your office relocation easier?

The short answer is YES! Your employees can make your office relocation easier. If you ask them nicely, surely they will be glad to do it. We are here to show you all the ways your employees can help out.


Decluttering is an important part of packing. It needs to be done before the said packing in order to make your office relocation easier. Everybody can help with this starting from their own desks. You do not want to relocate broken fax machines, phones, and such items. You need to get rid of all the unnecessary items before relocation. All your employees can start from their own desks and then after that is done they can deal with the rest of the inventory.

Decluttering will make your office relocation easier
Decluttering will make your office relocation much easier so start with that!

If the movers are doing the packing to make your office relocation easier

Most companies hire professional movers to deal with the packing, but even if you do have someone to do the packing instead of you – there are ways your employees can help. The best example would be confidential information and important paperwork. It might be better to let the accountants or other employees handle those. That way you are sure that nothing will get lost or misplaced. After that, they can sort them in portable safes if necessary. They will also know how to pick the right boxes for your move and supply you with those.

Other ways your employees can make your office relocation easier

Packing and decluttering is not the only thing you can leave with them. They can do so much more. The most helpful thing they can do is unpack and settle in. Of course, they won’t be dealing with heavy lifting. That’s why you hire movers. But unpacking is another matter.

Teamwork is also good for morale.

Unpacking and settling in

Everyone can contribute here. At least they can pack their own desks. Sort their own paperwork and similar things. It’s not that big of a job and yet it can be quite helpful. It’s always smarter to rely on your employees to pack and deal with paperwork instead of movers. Movers are much better for packing and preparing big items but they can’t know the importance of your paperwork. Your employees know this much better and they will be a perfect fit for this assignment.

When it comes to settling in when movers relocate your office items the employees can help with unpacking and making this new office ready for work. Everybody can deal with their office items. But make sure to have proper IT support when it comes to dealing with computers, printers, and such.


Employees can make your office relocation easier by choosing some simple decoration and some helpful items for the new office. This will also make them feel more comfortable and productive. Make sure to offer some sort of reward for their hard work after!

Good luck!