How To Create More Storage Space In Your Dorm-room

How to create more storage space in your dorm-room

You can create more storage space in your dorm room quite easily by following a few steps. We all know that dorm rooms can be very small sometimes. Therefore, you don’t know where to put all of your belongings. With some planning, you will have all of your items with you without feeling that you cluttered the space. First of all, what is better for you plastic bins or cardboard boxes? For both moving in and storing items. Figure out what will you love more and use it.

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Home Sharing: Pros And Cons

Home sharing: pros and cons

Congratulations! You have been admitted to college, and all you have to do is to find a home nearby. There is plenty of housing options for a college student, the most common of them is perhaps flat sharing. Many young people join forces with their college buddies and rent a flat or a house together. This is common not only in the USA but all over the world. Sharing a home wouldn’t have been so widespread if it were a bad thing. However, everyone doing it doesn’t mean it would be OK for you too. What are the perks and drawbacks of house sharing for a college student? Is flat sharing the right option for you? Read our overview of home sharing pros and cons and decide for yourself!

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Benefits Of Living On-campus In Miami

Benefits of living on-campus in Miami

When the time comes to move out for college, there are many living options. You can rent out an apartment with some roommates or live with relatives. However, as a student, you should choose what is best for your academic success, and living on campus is the most suitable choice. If you do not believe us, we have for your benefits of living on-campus in Miami. 

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Shared Dorm Room Items To Coordinate With Your Roommate

Shared dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate

Living in a dorm room with a roommate is a lot of young people’s dream. Being a student is as fun as it is stressful which is why having someone to live with while in university or college is the best thing to do. It just makes things easier and even more fun. To make living with a roommate more pleasant, especially if you two get along well, you can have some shared dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate. There are plenty of things to consider. Doing this will make your dorm room look more put together. And this means that you will have a much better time living in a dorm with a roommate. So, here are some of our ideas for dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate.

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