Dorm Room Checklist

Dorm room checklist

You are preparing for a new life – college life. But, are you really prepared? Moving to a dorm is exciting, stressful, crazy, sad, happy, all in one. It is normal to be confused, but at least you are not the only one that is moving. People have done it before and will do in the future. Having a dorm room checklist is more than helpful. What to pack, how to furnish and decorate a room, how to adjust fast and easy, how to unpack? All of these are questions that concern future college students.

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Pet-Friendly Colleges In The US

Pet-Friendly Colleges in the US

One of the hardest things about moving for college is saying goodbye to your loved ones, which includes your pets. Although in many colleges keeping fish in dorm rooms is allowed, pets like dogs and cats are out of the question. Fortunately, there are colleges across the country that accept pets. So, although you cannot take all of your family members with you, you can at least take the furry ones. Read on to find out more about pet-friendly colleges.

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Tips For Living In A Shared Apartment For Students

Tips for living in a shared apartment for students

For most of us, getting into college also meant getting out of our parents’ houses. In a way, it is a true step into adulthood and a way to learn valuable life lessons… one of them being how to live in a shared apartment/dorm room. To make sure this experience goes as smooth as possible, here are some tips for living in a shared apartment for students that are moving in with someone for the first time.

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How To Pack Belonging For Winter Storage

How to pack belonging for winter storage

Have you ever wondered how to deal with those extra items in your house? Especially if you live in a modest home and need some extra space. This is why it is good to rent a storage unit and store the valuables you do not need for the particular season. This time we will guide you on how to pack belongings for winter storage. So by the time winter arrives, you’ll already finish up with the storage unit!

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Best Colleges In Michigan

Best Colleges in Michigan

Making a college choice is a life-changing decision. You have to be very careful when you are picking the college that is going to be perfect for you. Michigan offers many great options for higher education. This city is home to almost 100 colleges. From large public universities to private liberal arts colleges. Prospective students are likely to find something that speaks to their passions and personalities. In order to help you in your search, here you can find the list of best colleges in Michigan. This can help you to estimate not only which schools are relevant to your interests. But also which ones can fit financially for you and your family.

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How To Save Money? – Student Edition

How to save money? – student edition

Money can be a problem. It really can. And it doesn’t choose its victims. On the other hand, you can never really have too much of it. And that is why you need to learn how to save money, especially if you are a student. Let’s be real – there are so many fun things to do and see at this point. But, you probably don’t have enough cash to spend around. And it limits you. Well, it shouldn’t. And the good news is that you can still live life to its fullest even if on a tight budget. Here is how:

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College Life On American Universities

College life on American Universities

The USA is a very diverse country where you can find a lot to see and enjoy. Make connections to see, if you can find places that are off the beaten path. It’s not the high standard of US universities that attract students from far and wide. College life on American Universities has everything that you like. Enjoy in every opportunity that you have available, even outside of your field of study. Take advantage of everything because you may never have those opportunities again.

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How To Eat Healthy In College?

How to eat healthy in college?

You probably know what colleges you want to apply for, but do you know how to eat healthy in college? Yes, there is something else besides the pizza and late night junk food. You’ll thank yourself later on. Eating well and healthy is not because you want to stay in shape, it can help you in classes. If you need more energy, some nutritious ingredients can boost your memory and help you stay awake… After that several hours drinking last night… And having fun. The topic is very important for those who don’t have the luxury to eat everything. Whether it is because of a certain diet, allergies or religious needs, you must incorporate healthy eating habits. The college life is hard, but just at the beginning, you have to learn how to adapt. As in everything else in life, it just takes a lot of preparation.

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How To Prevent Common Roommate Problems?

How to prevent common roommate problems?

The first person you actually meet at college is your roommate. Maybe you will like them right away, but you are still not aware of common roommate problems in college. Even though you think that living in a student residence is not that hard, you may have to deal with roommate’s habits, friends or behavior. There are common roommate problems in college that many students deal with and you may be able to resolve them easily if you are prepared for them.

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