Ways To Go Green In Your Dorm Room

Ways to go green in your dorm room

Moving into a college is exciting, fun, emotional, hard – it is a new chapter in life. You will spend a lot of time in a dorm room and if you are thinking green and you are eco-friendly, it is normal to continue that lifestyle in a college too. There are many different ways to go green in your dorm room and that is also a great way to save money. It is a well-known fact that most students need to save money during college-life, so besides saving the Earth, you will also help yourself survive during college.

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Dorms Vs Co-living Which Option Do NYC Students Prefer?

Dorms vs Co-living which option do NYC students prefer?

When studying in NYC, you have two standard options: student housing or renting an apartment. But, there is the third option that’s becoming increasingly popular in NYC and it’s co-living. While the concept is definitely not new, in recent months, it’s become more of a standard housing model, and not just for students. So, before you leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC, you might want to consider co-living. So, let’s see answer the important question, dorms vs co-living, which option do NYC students prefer and why.

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Best Plants To Keep In Your Dorm Room

Best plants to keep in your dorm room

Living in a dorm room as a student is an incredible experience. You are finally independent and you can organize your life in the way you want to. If you are already living in a dorm room or you are about to start living, you should put plants on packing for college list. In other words, you should know the best plants to keep in your dorm room. Are you wondering why you should keep plants inside your dorm room? In the following lines of the article, we will present to you why you should do it and which plants you should keep.

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Should You Leave Your Dorm And Find A Roommate In NYC

Should you leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC

There are many reasons why college students move to New York City. Some move so that they can enroll in one of many great colleges. Others move because studying here opens up many doors and opportunities for later employment. And, some move in order to be a part of this amazing city, a city to make it or break it. Whatever the reason for the move may be, most students in NYC end up living in a dorm. However, we are here to tell you why you should leave your dorm and find a roommate. If interested in some pros and cons for moving off-campus, keep on reading.

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Moving Out Of Your Dorm Room, Should You Hire Movers?

Moving out of your dorm room, should you hire movers?

College time is probably the most fun that you will experience in your life. Yet, there are those times during the college year where you get anxious and swamped with things that are going on around you. Moving out of your dorm room is certainly one of those undesirable times. Not only do you have to stress about finals and the end of the year assignments, but now you also must worry about moving. This is exactly why you should hire professional college movers when leaving your dorms. This way they can deal with your move, while you concentrate on other important things. However, there are still a few things that you might need to do on your own before moving day comes.

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Tips For Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Dorm Room Before Moving In

Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your dorm room before moving in

Before you know it, a new college year will be right around the corner. While in college your summers are tremendously fun, and they go by in a blink of an eye. However, this summer started on a very unusual note for all of us. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many college students had to finish their semester from home while attending online classes. Everybody and everything was greatly disrupted by this unpredictable virus. So, at the moment the future is unpredictable. But, sooner or later we will have to continue living our lives. For many college students, this would imply moving back on campus in your dorm rooms. When that happens cleaning and disinfecting your dorms space will be your number one priority.

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Moving Back To Your Parent’s Home Amid Pandemic

Moving back to your parent’s home amid pandemic

So, colleges are closed because of a pandemic and you plan to move to your parent’s place urgently. In order not to forget anything you must stay calm and concentrate on what you need to do. If you do everything in the right way, you will not have any reason to worry. Read our tips on moving back to your parent’s home amid pandemic before you start with anything.

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Moving After College – Canadian Edition

Moving After College – Canadian Edition

When it comes to moving after college, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. The fact that you have finished school and are about to start your journey as an independent individual is a big step. In order to make that big step efficient and simple, we recommend having a plan for your moving after college. With a well-structured plan with which we can help you out with and some of our tips, it can be easy. Therefore, continue reading as we gradually prepare you for your Canadian edition relocation.

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Best Colleges In Northern Virginia

Best colleges in Northern Virginia

Virginia is a state that features some of the greatest colleges and opportunities for different careers. Some of the biggest employers in Virginia are those related to office and administrative support, health care, business, and finance sectors. Because of that fact, most colleges here are oriented towards programs that can help their students find a job easily and start their careers right after graduating college. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to study something else. Quite the contrary! Virginia prides itself on having 81 colleges and universities, each of which has many different degree programs. Thus if you are graduating from high school soon or you are just somebody who plans on continuing his or her studies, consider Virginia. Here are some of the best colleges in Northern Virginia you should consider. Keep on reading. 

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Benefits Of Buying Your First Apartment In Park Slope

Benefits of Buying your First Apartment in Park Slope

When it comes to buying your first apartment, the process is both exciting and a little overwhelming. It is a big step, therefore it is important to prepare ahead of time. In addition, your first step should be creating a good plan for your move so that you can follow it accordingly. Next, come up with a checklist of everything you will need for your new home. Meanwhile, Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods to move to and own your first apartment in. Continue reading to find out why Park Slope has many benefits and why it would be a good idea to purchase your first home there.

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