A Men With A Backpack Exploring New Mexico Cities For Digital Nomads.

Charming New Mexico cities for digital nomads

Digital nomads are often searching for some charming and affordable New Mexico cities and we found some great ones for you. Remote work has been popular for a couple of years now, but ever since the pandemic hit this practice became very common. This is a great thing too. You can choose where you want to live and don’t have to look for job opportunities. This gives you such amazing freedom. Your work is wherever you are and that’s great. You don’t have to be in a big city unless you want to. Smaller places are usually much better and have more to offer you. Just check out these New Mexico cities for digital nomads that we picked for you.

Silver City is one of the most charming New Mexico cities

North Carolina has a lot of charming places but this is not the only state with amazing places for digital nomads. New Mexico has a few of them as well. This charming city has quite an amazing history. This was once an Apache campsite. Later it was a site for Spanish copper mining and that’s where the name comes from. Nowadays this city is all about the art scene and promoting artists. A bonus is that you will be able to find a home here for a reasonable price. This is the first city you should research and if you want to see photos just check out Instagram since this is a very pretty place and many tourists like to take some great pictures as they are passing through.

New Mexico balloon rides
We forgot to mention that this can be a very fun place.

Bernalillo is a small and yet quite charming

This is a pretty small place that still deserves to be listed among the charming New Mexico cities for digital nomads. There are only about 8000 residents here. But still, you will be able to find affordable housing and even choose from what’s currently available. The weather is great (sunny and dry), the landscape is amazing you can see mountains all around and the best of all is that this city has a pretty healthy economy. In fact, their fiscal state is the best in the whole state. If after thorough research you decide to move here and start your new life pros from the area can help you to unpack and settle in so you can start exploring the place sooner.

Taos was one of the most popular choices in 2020

Espanola is the most popular place for digital nomads now in 2022 but back in 2020, Taos was the hot spot. For a reason too – this is a gorgeous town. In fact, Travel and Leasure Magazine claim that this in fact is one of the world’s prettiest mountain towns. Living near the amazing ski resort can be so amazing. If you are wondering about prices – they are reasonable and you won’t have a problem finding the right home for you. If you need any help getting there make sure to call Pro-Move Logistics.

A house in Taos
Taos is an excellent choice for digital nomads.

Last but not least – Espanola

We saved the best one of the charming New Mexico cities for last. You should know that this is a pretty small-sized town. Maybe that is the reason why this place has such a great and fun community. That’s simply not possible in bigger cities. Santa Fe is just around the corner if you are looking for some bigger shopping but otherwise, you can find everything in Espanola – especially when it comes to entertainment. You will be able to relocate here without worries thanks to the amazing local movers.

Honorable mentions

Since New Mexico is full of charming places we wanted to show you a couple more you should research if the ones we showed you don’t look so tempting :

  • Cloudcroft
  • Aztec
  • Chimayó
  • Ruidoso
  • Las Vegas
  • Madrid

All of those are great options and you should check them out. Fun fact – Madrid is one of the most popular choices for seniors from California. Now that we showed you some really great places you will be able to enjoy we can talk about the bigger problem. Relocating. That can be quite hard, but if you find appropriate help it will be quick and stress-free.

Stress-free relocation

This is not a myth. Stress-free relocations are possible. You just need to find the right moving company that will be there for you every step of the way. All good moving companies can offer you additional services like packing for example. Packing is a pretty boring chore but it needs to be done. Luckily movers can do this for you. They can also deal with logistics, heavy lifting, and many other difficult tasks that you will encounter along the way.

When you will need them the most?

Most people need movers when they relocate. The reason why they need them is that unpacking and settling in take a long time. But you obviously want that chore done as soon as possible so you can start exploring New Mexico and everything your new place can offer. After you are done with all that you can start working on your home improvement ideas.

A couple unpacking after moving to one of the charming New Mexico cities for digital nomads.
The whole process will be much quicker.

Things you need to know about New Mexico before moving there

  • The wine industry is very old, in fact, its older than California’s wine industry
  • Route 66 crosses itself
  • They still call it the Wild West
  • The food is unlike any other
  • The capital Santa Fe is the highest state capital
  • Archaeologists have identified more than 25,000 Ancestral Pueblo sites here
  • Ojo Caliente is famous for its miraculous mineral water

Hopefully, you will find your home amongst those great New Mexico cities, good luck!