Rented Apartment Keys

General cleaning when moving to a rented apartment while in college

When conducting a move, you often have to do a general cleaning of the entire apartment. This is especially true when moving to a rented apartment, which we got from the previous tenants. In this case, in order to feel comfortable, we need to audit all the premises and bring cleanliness and order to them.

rented apartment keys

                                                         You’ve got the keys of your rented apartment

First of all, we need to remove curtains and move all those things that are amenable away from the walls. Before that we need to put under the feet pieces of felt or thick cloth, so as not to scratch the floor, especially if it is covered with varnish. We need to wipe walls or wallpapers dry with a clean rag, and to clean heavily soiled places with an eraser. Painted or whitewashed walls and ceiling need to be swept with a soft dry brush on a long handle. We can attach a long stick to the broom, wrap it with a dry clean rag and wield it.

Cabinets and shelves should be freed from the contents, we need to wipe the dust inside and out, and aerate it. At the same time, we should shake the clothes out and dry it, and rub and wash the dishes. Those dishes made of glass and crystal we should wash in cold salted water with vinegar. Then we should clean the windows and mirrors.

Then we should thoroughly vacuum the entire area of the apartment where we are planning to do a general cleaning. Vacuum cleaner is good, fast and convenient, but do not forget about the good old broom. If the house has carpets, rugs, blankets. We must shake them out on the street. If it is the winter season, then we need to shake them out in the snow.

Wet cleaning is the simplest way to humidify the air in the apartment, especially during the heating season. During the move, wipe the floor, sills and especially central heating batteries with a wet rag. Dust from the radiator of the battery will be very helpful with cleaning the atomizer. Do not forget to put the cloth under the battery beforehand so that dirty water drains onto it.

Fight against insects

Bug fight sign

                         Fight those insects!

And now a few words about such a delicate matter like the fight against insects, pests of household utensils. Any housewife freaks out when she sees a flying moth in the house. But the moth itself is not exactly a danger: it has already done her worst job – it laid eggs, from which after some time gluttonous caterpillars will be formed. So do not chase butterflies, they do not live long. It’s time to check all the stuff once again.

In the fight against the moth, our main allies are fresh air and sun. Ventilate, dry. To control these insects, also use chemical agents in the form of aerosols, plates, tablets, which effectively repel the moth and prevent its further reproduction. Carpets, walkways, upholstered furniture and all other products that we cannot move into the closet we can also easily secure by spraying them with a directed stray of aerosol.

Do ants harass you in a rented apartment after moving? Scare them away with what they really do not like. And they especially do not like sunflower oil and garlic. Spread oil or garlic cloves on ant tracks and they will disappear.


Cockroaches are also unpleasant aliens from the outside. As a rule, cockroaches move to a clean apartment, if neighbors on the porch conducted mass baiting. In an attempt to save their lives, they take refuge with their neighbors. In this case, your rented apartment, where you recently moved, can be clean, but the cockroaches will still find something to live on. The following ways to combat them are effective. You can mix boric acid with sugar, then dip bread in this mixture, put it under couches, beds, cabinets, plates, in all corners in the kitchen. Or you can pour boric acid into rosettes, mixing it with sugar, jam or other sweet solution, and then expose it in the same places. In this case, make sure that the cockroaches do not have access to the water that saves them.

Cleaning carpets in your rented apartment

vacuum cleaner

                 It’s time to clean your carpets

If, when moving to a rented apartment, you did not get a very clean carpet from the owners, you will have to make efforts to clean it. This is quite a time-consuming and difficult task. Old handmade carpets with good care usually look better than new ones. Regarding the cleaning of new machine-made carpets, it is not recommended to use hard brushes and a vacuum cleaner for the first 6 months. After that period, you need to clean carpets once a week by an elastic grassy broom or vacuum cleaner.

You should beat carpets with special carpet beaters, and in no case should you hang them on a fence or throw them over a tight rope. You can destroy them this way. In winter, you can carry mats and paths that are not too heavy out on the street, spread them out facing the snow and beat them. You can do the same with large and heavy carpets without moving them from their spot. And after beating, you can clean them with a brush moistened with salt water with a little citric acid. That helps the colors become brighter. Carpets made of synthetic fibers are not afraid of moisture. But they do not like to be rubbed heavily, because the nap can break. The best way to store carpets is to roll them. You should put a remedy for moths between the rows.

So, if you decided to save some money and make an inexpensive apartment move, we advise you even before you start to transport all things, to clean all the premises in your rented apartment.