College guide: different types of student accommodation

When it comes to college life, there are so many different choices. It is extremely hard to decide which one is the best one, when it comes to picking college, majores, locationes… But even if you have decided all of that there is still a very pressing and important question of where you should live during your studies. Although arguably not as important as picking the actual college itself, deciding where you should live while in college is a pretty big decision as well. If you don’t make the right choice you might end up very frustrated, and your daily life can be filled with anxiety, stress or perhaps loneliness. We have previously written about the best college dorms (read more about it here), and if your budget is a bit above the average you can check out this article as well. But, in addition to this, there is still so many options. Good thing is that there are so many different types of student accommodation that you will surely find something that fits you.

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Where should I live during my studies

Your college life will have a permanent mark not only on your academic career but also on your social life, emotional wellbeing, health and fitness, as well as you financial status. When picking how exactly you should spend your time there have in mind that you are choosing for yourself. When it comes to student accommodation everyone has their own story to share, and even if they mean well, they might try to push their own ideas. It is important to pick something that suits you the best, regardless of that that is. First, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you like spending time with others?
  • Do you mind spending more money than the average?
  • Do you enjoy your peace and quiet?
  • Do you own any pets?

All of this is important to have in mind when choosing your student accommodation. After reading this useful guide you will be one step closer to picking the best student housing

  1. Choose staying at home, if you are dreading leaving your family

Let’s get this out of the way. This is certainly the cheapest option, but it is also only available if your future college is close to you. Advantages of this student accommodation are that it will make the transition easier, as things won’t change as much as they would if you moved away. At the same time, this option isn’t so great for a long period of time, as it disables you to be independent and to learn do to stuff for yourself, as you will always lean on the support of your family. You will find comfort in familiar surroundings, but you will not move out of your comfort zone. One option that might suit you is to rent a room in a house, and stay with the family living there. Living costs will definitely be lower than usual and you will get the homey feeling you might need, especially in the beginning. This isn’t so typical student accommodation, but it is very beneficial, because you get the best of both worlds, for a low price.

  1. Share an apartment or a house if you are looking forward to living with roommates

One of the best parts of college life is sharing it with your fellow students. If you want both your independence and not to be bored, your best option is to find a place you can share with other students. You can roommate with someone from your hometown, someone that you share classes with or even someone completely unknown. Most college guides will tell you, that when it comes to living together, three is the magic number – costs are split in three ways, it is much easier to settle an argument, and a flat with three rooms is better for large crowds or parents staying over. Living with four people can be a bit too much and having only one roommate can be hard when it comes to getting along. If you opt for this kind of student accommodation be sure to pack a lot of patience and tolerance in your bags, and don’t worry about all the stress the college might cause you because you will have a great support system at home.

  1. To stay close to your college, pick living on campus

where should i live while i study

Living on campus while you are in college

The most popular option definitely is living on campus. Different colleges offer a variety of options, and choosing this type of student accommodation definitely has its benefits. Firstly, you will always be close connected to your studies – teaching buildings, libraries, study groups… And if you are not so dedicated to the academic part of college life you will have a variety of parties to choose from, and not only that but, based on which dorm you pick, you will enjoy all sorts of entertainment. Even the strictest colleges offer enough leisure activities to interest the most skeptic ones. Living on campus will make you emerge completely in your life as a student so perhaps this type of student accommodation isn’t the best option if you feel that you might be overwhelmed. You can always try it out, and then choose something else the following year.

College life is full of ups and downs, long night of studying and even longer night of partying, so where you should spend all of that time can’t be disregarded. You are not limited, there are various types of student accommodation but make sure you have picked out something that works best for you and your perspective on what college life should be. No matter what you pick we are sure you will have the best time and that you will continue to visit our blog for more useful tips.