Girl Telling College Move-In Day Tips

College move-In day tips to keep you organized and prepared

You are taking a big step in your life by going to college. This time is exciting but you will also need to be prepared for what to expect. We will tell you some of the college move-In day tips so you will know what to do. There is no need to worry because it will be easy to make the change because you will only need to follow a small guide. If you are moving to a college apartment you will have to know-how.

Plan ahead of the move is one of the key college move-In day tips

When you get into the college you want it is time to plan out the move. With a little help from your family and friends, it will be a piece of cake. Your college will provide you with the information on who will be your roommate. It is very important to coordinate with your roommate. For example, you can talk to them not only to get to know the person you will live with but also to avoid duplicates in your dorm room. If they are bringing the microwave there is no need for you to bring one etc.

Roommates moving in
It is very important to communicate with your roommate. This will make everything easier.

Know the time and date for move-in

This will help you out because you can make plans and to-do lists beforehand. Not to mention you need the specific date of the move so you can prepare for the move. You need to pack and declutter your room before the date comes. One of the things you need to do is ask your college about the process for example, is there an elevator in the building. Will you have to park somewhere else or can you park within the area of the college and so forth. This will help you out when the day comes so you are not confused. But rather get direct to the point and move in your room. When you want more space you can maximize space in your dorm room but be sure your roommate is on board for it.

Pack your belongings

When the day comes be sure to pack your belongings like a pro. You will need to pack your essential items that have multiple purposes. For example, you can bring your nightstand with multiple storage drawers. For this move, you need to pack in plastic bins and not boxes because they will have to be broken down after the move but the plastic bins can stay with you and be useful after the move.

Packing essential items
When moving into your dorm room be sure to take the essential items with you.

Bring seasonal clothes only

There is no need to bring all the winter bulky stuff with you when is summer. Of course, if you are moving somewhere that is cold then go right ahead. But when packing for college be sure to pack seasonal clothes only because you do not want to overcrowd your room with unneeded items. When you have a summer or winter break you can switch out the clothes. If you need help here is what to ask your dorm room movers. So you have the information you want and need.

Good luck!