College Moving

College moving: 5 useful tips

Truth be told, there is no fun in moving. Packing your things, picking the best apartment, making sure everything goes according to plan… It takes a lot of time, it is often expensive… Besides,  more often than not you will end up frustrated and anxious. But if there is any type of moving that is interesting and even remotely fun, that is definitely college moving. Going away to college, starting your new life, enjoying the promise of the new adventure… This is both exciting and dangerous. Some people just can’t wait for that chapter of their life to begin! But, even if your excitement is less noticeable, this step in life awaits for you.

Moving to college is most likely the first move for almost everyone. That doesn’t mean that is going to be a difficult one, but it does mean that you probably won’t know what to do. As we have previously stated, moving can be a very challenging task. If it is your first time, make sure that you are well prepared. Read here our useful tips on how to make college moving much easier. In addition to this, you can read here what are the most common mistakes when moving and how to avoid them.

  1. Before moving day coordinate with your roommate

Tips for college moving

College life: first steps!

The biggest part of your college life will be your roommate and your relationship with him or her. That is why the best way to start of your college moving is to start coordinating with your future roommate.  Is that easy to do? No, but it isn’t impossible. The best way for everyone to be satisfied is for both of you to meet up and discuss how you want your room to be organized. Mention also who will bring what so there wouldn’t be any duplicates. Go through everything that is important for your life together. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss some other thing as well. Is your roommate an early riser? Does she like to listen to music out loud? Who has a partner, who might stop by often? All of this will come in handy before the college moving day arrives and it is too late for arrangements.

  1. Do all of your shopping after you move in

Even thinking about moving out will make your wallet itchy, and the list of things that you might want to buy will go on and on. Devices and machines, drapes and tiles, decoration and extension cords… College moving usually means moving out of your dorm room and into your first place (apartment, or rented house or a dormitory). It comes as a no surprise that you would like to buy all sorts of things. But, restrain yourself. You still don’t know what kind of things will be provided, and what will your roommate bring. You don’t want to spend money on a microwave and mini fridge only to find yourself surrounded by even bigger ones that your roommate has brought, or you already found in your place. Upon arriving and seeing the inventory, check out the nearest Home Depot and hardware stores. It’s better to buy everything in a place nearby and not waste money on gas. There are usually a lot of discounts in the autumn during the moving season, so make sure that you have used it. Another great tip for college moving is to buy everything in bulks, so you would save money. Coordinate not only with your roommate but include some of the colleges that you share a floor with. They would for sure be happy to participate.

  1. Organize your college moving as soon as possible

College moving

College moving: everything you need to know!

Although it is important to coordinate with your colleges and work together, make sure that they are not there when you are moving in. It will be much harder to manage all of the boxes and heavy equipment if everyone around you is doing the same thing. Hallways will be crowded and staircases jammed because everyone is doing their college moving at the same time. Usually people don’t bother checking which day is the busiest and that is hard to determine. If you move in very early (or very late!) you will be able to avoid this and move all of your belongings in an easier way.

  1. For easier college moving, hire a moving company

This tip for college moving depends on how much stuff do you have and how far away are you moving to. In very rare occasions the better option is to do the move yourself. Usually it is much cheaper and much less stressful to hire someone. There are many quality companies that you can hire, and one of them specializes in helping students to move in (and out of) dorms, so you can check them out –

  1. In order to enjoy this experience more, be open-minded

College moving will for sure put you in a lot of situations that are new, strange and sometimes scary. You will meet, in a very short period of time, a lot of people that come from various backgrounds and have attitudes that might be different than yours. Even if something seems bizarre and you might feel the need to shut that person out, keep an open mind and make sure that you are being tolerant towards anyone. Sometimes we learn a lot if we have contact with people that are not like same, and that can offer us some different perspective.

College moving represents a very exciting step in your life and don’t let the everyday stress of the move itself get your down. There are ways to make this experience much more enjoyable and even worth remembering. All of the problems can be anticipated and avoided, and all the drama and the fuss can be saved for the first semester. But, before the college life even begins, there is no need for that. Enjoy the excitement of new beginnings, listen to our advice and have good luck moving!