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Top colleges in South Carolina

South Carolina is a state located in the Southeastern United States of America and it has definitely a lot to offer. A population is about 5.9 million. It has a nickname The Palmetto State, implying on the Sabal Palmetto, which was added to the national flag in 1861. South Carolina has a subtropical climate, with gentle winters and hot summers. So, students definitely love to spend time outside. If you decided to start a new chapter of your life in South Carolina, make sure that you are fully prepared for the transition by choosing the right college for you. Before you choose one of the top colleges in South Carolina, do your research.

Gril choosing the best colleges in South Carolina

Choose the best for your future

South Carolina is most known for, Myrtle Waves, Peace center Brookgreen Gardens, Greenville zoo, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, great nightlife and amazing food. So, if you were wondering if you should move to South Carolina and start a new life and work on your education, do not waste your time. Before you start packing for college, make sure that you have all the facts about the schools.

The list of best colleges in South Carolina for you

One of the most important time has come for you, so you need to ask yourself where do you see yourself in 7 or 8 years. Are you going to see yourself as an artist, painter, musician… Or as someone who works in a bank or maybe a politician? Every single thing is possible in South Carolina, but the hardest thing is to choose, but we are here to help you out with that. There are a lot of colleges in South Carolina you’ve probably know or heard about them.

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Before you start your preparation for moving, make sure you have all the facts

We are going to supply you with some information about some colleges here in this state so that you can make the decision a lot easier. After you made the final decision, find cross country moving experts at your service in SC and start preparing your relocation to college.

Clemson University

One of the excellent colleges in South Carolina, graded public university, it is located in Clemson and it was founded in 1889. Clemson University takes the second place for the largest university in student population. Clemson acceptance rate is 48%. Some of the majors are Business, Marketing, and Biology. SAT range is 1221-1390, ACT range is 28-32, the application fee is about $70. Clemson alumni earn a starting salary of $44.000

Furman University

Furman University is a highly rated private school in Greenville here in South Carolina. it was founded in 1826. That makes it one of the oldest colleges in South Carolina. This amazing is one of the oldest private school for higher learning. The acceptance rate is 62%, some of the majors are, Business, HealthProfessions, Political Science and Government. Graduation rate is 82% and SAT is range 1191-1381. The application fee is $50. Also, you should know that Furman alumni earn a starting salary of about $39.000.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is a highly rated public school, which is located in Columbia, South Carolina. And it was founded in 1801. South Carolina acceptance rate is 72%. Some of the majors are Business, Marketing, and Finance. the graduating rate is 75%. SAT range is 1171-1331, ACT range is 26-31. If you decide to enroll in this college, the application fee is about $65.

Wofford College

Wofford College is highly graded private school, which is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, it was founded in 1854. The acceptance rate is 70%. Some of the majors are Finance, Biology and Managerial Economics. Graduation rate is 82 % of students. Wofford alumni earn a starting salary of $40.000. SAT range is 1121-1311, ACT range 29-30, the Application fee is $35 which is very affordable.

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University is a private college. Non-denominational school, in Greenville, South Carolina, known for its cultural and religious positions. The Bob Jones University acceptance rate is 87%. Popular majors are Nursing, Accounting, and Business. Graduation rate is 68% of the students. SAT range is961-1181, ACT range is 20-27. You will get here a good education and meet really nice people and friends. 

Citadel Military College of South Carolina

Citadel Military College of South Carolina is above the average public school you should definitely visit. The Citadel acceptance rate is 82%. some of the majors are Criminal Justice, Business, Law Enforcement Administration and Civil engineering. The graduation rate is 74% here. SAT range is 1021-1221, ACT range is 20-25, and the application fee is $40, so take your chance. If you imagine yourself in the military, then this is the best option to choose in SC.

Choosing a company for moving to South Carolina for college

Moving to another country can be extremely stressful, you’ll be having much more stress if you are deciding to start a new college life in South Carolina. But if you want to do that a little bit more stress-free make sure to hire Verified Movers.

Tips to hire a good moving company for college move:

  • Select the right date for your moving. Time can be your friend when it comes to moving.
  • Make sure that the mover is verified and check their address before you take some action.
  • Get referrals, by asking a recommendation from family or friends, or search on the internet.
  • A moving company must have insurance and license.
  • Choose affordable movers if you are moving on a tight budget and try to negotiate.
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Make sure you relocate your belongings safely to college dorm room


Being a freshman is not easy. But, one thing you can do is to prepare yourself. Ask your parents for advice too. On the other hand, visit as many colleges you can and after that downsize the list.

Since this is the new chapter of your life, it’s okay to feel nervous, but know that everything is going to come on its place, focus on your studies, try to make some new friends, go out and explore the city, have the best time of your life and enjoy. After you choose one of the best colleges in South Carolina, you can start preparing for your next chapter in life. Good luck.