How can we help you?

In a lot of ways! If you are moving and in college, even if you are thinking about moving and thinking about college, here is the place to be. College usually means putting yourself in a lot of uncertain situations where you will have to improvise, face hard challenges and tackle obstacles you have never even heard of, let alone faced. So, why should you make it even harder on yourself by allowing the moving process to take your energy, time and money? While in college it is yet to be determined which one of the three is more valuable. Besides, there are always places you can spend all three, in a much more interesting way. So, let us take the wheel. We’ve done this a thousand times! And even if we haven’t faced all of the possible situations, we know someone who has, we will reach out to him, and come up with a solution for you. Moving itself consist of a lot of different stages, each composed of several nerve-wracking situations. But whether you are unsure how to pack, or how to choose the best moving company, we have your back, and we have a solution for you. Scroll through our blogs, and if you find yourself in doubt, feel free to contact us.

How can you contact us?

On our website we will try to cover practically any situation you can face while moving, but, as there are so many, some might slip our minds. Or, perhaps, the situation you are facing is universally unique. It can happen, moving does that to people. But, in that case, feel free to use the form below and contact us with any doubts or questions, ideas or thoughts. We will not judge you, nor question your abilities. Just lay it out on us, it can’t be worse than what happened to Mark in 2012 when he… Oh, well, more about that in our posts. Anyway, we congratulate you on this major life event and wish you all the best. Welcome to our blog and good luck with moving!