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What is the cost of living in Tennessee

So, you are planning to study in Tennessee. That sounds like a nice idea. You must be very excited for you will soon be leaving your parents’ home. If you are also a bit anxious about it, that is completely normal and understandable. However, you are a bit worried, for you don’t know how much money will you need. Well, we are here for you. In this article, you will get all the information that you need. All you have to do now is to prepare yourself a cup of coffee, sit, relax and continue with your reading. When you finish, you will know what is the cost of living in Tennessee.

Do not move on your own

If you think that moving is not something difficult, we must let you know that you are completely wrong. Each and every relocation process is very stressful. Moreover, it can be very dangerous as well. Just think of lifting heavy and large boxes by yourself. If you did not know, most people get hurt during their relocation. Not only will that mean resting for some time, but also spending more money than you planned on medical care. And we all know how expensive it can be. So, in order to avoid all of that, you should find some help and move with ease within the state.

Hire the professional moving company

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When it comes to the cost of living in Tennessee, there is rent. Luckily, renting an apartment there is not so expensive. According to one study, the average monthly rent in Tennessee is 854 $. It is not too pricey when compared to other states.

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Rents in Tennessee are not so high.


The second thing that interests you when the cost of living in Tennessee is in question, are the bills. One research shows that the average monthly electricity bill in Tennessee is around 123.30 $. We must say that that is not cheap for college students.


After you learn the prices of rent and bills, the next and the crucial thing is food. Namely, one adult person needs 2 994 $ for food on a monthly bases. Of course, you can always find one roommate or more of them to share the cost of living in Tenessee. Certainly, that will save a lot of money for all of you.

The cost of living in Tennessee also includes food.

Future students must know what is the cost of food in Tennessee.


One of the most important things for young people who want to study in Tennessee is the price of education. Namely, one academic year on one of the highly ranked colleges costs 73, 148 $.