DIY Decorations For Your Dorm Room

DIY decorations for your dorm room – Columbus edition

Living in a dorm room that doesn’t have any decoration is boring. Dorm rooms are very empty, they don’t have anything in them besides the table, bed, and a desk. And living like this can be a bit depressing. This is why decorating your dorm room is what we suggest doing. But dorm rooms have a lot of rules and it is important to follow them. For example, you can’t put screws in walls for pictures. You can’t paint the walls either. But there are plenty of other things that you can do. And since college students don’t usually have a lot of money, we decided to write about some DIY decorations for your dorm room. These things will make your stay in the dorm room better and you will also be working on your creative skills which is always a good thing.

DIY decorations for your desk

You will mostly be using your desk. This is where you study and it is what most college students do the most. Studying can be boring and not a lot of students like to study. But making studying more fun is possible. You can create your own pen holder. You would just need a tin can and some paint, stickers, and colorful paper. Think of a design and just start. Making DIY decorations is also a stress reliever. This is why we would suggest making as many things as you need. You can also customize your pencils with stickers and paint. A lot of people do it. It just makes writing more pleasant when you are writing with a pen you really like.

Make as many things that you can think of.

You can DIY a mousepad too if you use your computer more than you use books. You need a piece of fabric and something hard like cardboard. And if you already have a mousepad, you can just personalize it a bit. Use fabric paint to color the fabric. These are things that you can find in a local supermarket for just a couple of dollars. If you don’t have where to store all these things, you can rent extra space for all of your stuff with a roommate and store things there.

Decorations for your walls

Having empty walls can be demotivating. Being in such a room can have a negative impact on your mental health. This is why we suggest making dome DIY decorations for your dorm room walls. You can hang up a pinboard. But make sure you don’t use screws. Use hooks that you can stick on the walls. These are much easier to take down and you won’t be damaging the walls. Even just hanging up some posters or pictures is a great idea. You can hang a rope and buy some clips and stick pictures like so. There are plenty of things that you can do. Don’t worry about moving all of these things once it is time to move out of the dorm, Zippy Shell Columbus can help.

Pinboards are amazing to have in your dorm room.

Bed decoration

This is very easy. All you need to do is get some fabric and some stuffing and make yourself some throw pillows. Make one for your roommate as well. This is a great thing to do if you want to coordinate your dorm room with your roommate.