Writing A Dorm Room Checklist

Dorm room checklist

You are preparing for a new life – college life. But, are you really prepared? Moving to a dorm is exciting, stressful, crazy, sad, happy, all in one. It is normal to be confused, but at least you are not the only one that is moving. People have done it before and will do in the future. Having a dorm room checklist is more than helpful. What to pack, how to furnish and decorate a room, how to adjust fast and easy, how to unpack? All of these are questions that concern future college students.

Being a freshman will e a little bit hard, but after adjusting to college, you will manage it like you did it before. If you are moving abroad for education, start with preparation earlier than your friends. So, here is what you should have in mind.

A view from a dorm room

Most dorm rooms are small, and you need to share it with your college roommate(s)

Dorm room checklist

If you are a future student or you are a parent of one college student, do research and make a dorm room checklist and plan in advance. Leaving home for college is not simple and it is not a game. College life is not just partying, you should take everything seriously. Yes, it will be fun, but sometimes it will be awful. A guide is something you need right now, in order to have a stress-free college relocation.

Books on a table

Studying is not the only problem you have to deal with during college. Lack of space is another one

It would be really helpful if you meet your future roommate so you can talk to each other what to bring. You do not need 2 coffee makers, for example. You should plan together and work it out.

Bedroom checklist

Bedroom items can be divided into two main categories. The first one is items for sleeping and the second one is for studying.

For sleeping, you will need to pack:

  • 2-3 sets of linens. But, before you purchase them, find out how big the beds are
  • A couple of pillows
  • If you want extra comfort, pack mattress pad
  • If your college is located in the cold state (for example, Canada or New York) you will definitely need a blanket
  • A bedside lamp
  • Earplugs, because you never know is there going to be a party near your room

For studying:

  • A laptop. Many universities have computers for students, but if you prefer your own, then pack it. Also, laptop lock for peace of mind
  • Chargers for laptop and phone
  • A lamp for desk
  • USB flash drive
  • Plenty of pens and notebooks, and scissors
  • Backpack

Bathroom checklist

Personal hygiene items:

  • 2 or 3 sets of towels and washcloth
  • Bathrobe and flip-flops for your “trip” to the bathroom to take a shower
  • Toiletries and a bag where to put them
  • Hair necessities

“Kitchen” checklist

Your kitchen will not be a real kitchen, but you should have essentials. The best option is to talk to your roommate and to plan together what to pack.

  • Coffee maker, toaster and other small appliances you use
  • Mini fridge
  • Dishes
  • Snacks and water

Cleaning supplies

You will not clean every day, but you should clean your room often and to keep it organized. After all, it is not healthy to be in a dirty room.

  • Garbage bags and cans
  • Wipes for wood and glass
  • Hand vacuum or a small broom

Personal items checklist

Personal items, you should pack last, especially the items you use every day.

  • Medication and vitamins you use
  • Documentations and other important papers
  • First aid kit should be added int you dorm room checklist
  • Clothing and shoes, but before you pack them, check the weather. If you are going to study in Florida or California, you do not need winter jackets

Renting a storage facility

There are many benefits of renting a storage unit for students but one of the biggest ones is summer vacation and too small dorm rooms. You do not have to rent it by yourself. A more affordable option is to rent it with a couple of friends, or at least one and to split renting costs.

Searching for storage units online

Do the research and find a perfect storage unit for your belongings. It is better if you rent it together with a friend

Most dorm rooms are small, and you will not have enough items for all your stuff. But, there are ways to handle it. After college, you will miss your small room and your roommates and the entire college life. Find the right size storage unit at an affordable price and store all your belongings inside.

Hiring a moving company for a college move

One part of moving preparation is transportation, of course. A lot of students are moving long-distance, or even to Europe to study. Finding a reliable moving company does not have to be that hard. Hire a company that has experience with college moves and handle a relocation like a pro.

Packing a moving box

After the packing is all over, it is time to transport all those moving boxes. Call a moving company and finish the job

Why is checklist so important? Creating a dorm room checklist will help you not to forget anything. Stressful situations will make you forget even the most important items. Ask your parents or friends who have the experience to help you out with packing and preparation. It is normal not to know anything about college life and living in a dorm.