Students Walking Around Columbia University, Wondering About Dorms Vsco-living, Which One Is Better.

Dorms vs Co-living which option do NYC students prefer?

When studying in NYC, you have two standard options: student housing or renting an apartment. But, there is the third option that’s becoming increasingly popular in NYC and it’s co-living. While the concept is definitely not new, in recent months, it’s become more of a standard housing model, and not just for students. So, before you leave your dorm and find a roommate in NYC, you might want to consider co-living. So, let’s see answer the important question, dorms vs co-living, which option do NYC students prefer and why.

New to the co-living?

Co-living is usually described as living in adult dorms. Basically, it’s leaving with people you don’t know. But, here, you are responsible only for your room. So, the benefit is that there’s no one lease with the person you found as a roommate not so long ago. While it’s up to debate which one is cheaper, traditional renting, or co-living, it’s safe to say that co-living has many benefits, comparing to traditional renting:

  • it’s more flexible, as you can stay even just one night, or one month there
  • co-living is especially great for students and young people for multiple reasons
  • it’s much easier to find a co-living space
  • no guarantors or steep income are required
  • you don’t have to worry about splitting the bill or furnishing the apartment
Modern apartment, kitchen/

Dorms vs co-living, when it comes to aesthetics, co-living wins

Why is co-living becoming popular with students?

Young people love to use apps and don’t like to be bound by contracts and to be limited by requirements. And with co-living, you basically download an app and you can find the space very quickly. And that’s what the economy in NYC allowed, and made this trend very popular here. So, if you’re a student, and you need to move, co-living is the option you want to consider. However, don’t forget to hire professionals to help you with your move and  Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC are just the right choices.

Columbia university, with students walking around and wondering about dorms vs co-living.

You already have an idea of what student housing looks like

Dorms vs co-living

Many describe co-living as upscale dorm-style living, so as you can, people already compare it to the traditional student housing. However, the question is, which option is better for students in NYC. We’ll compare and see the pros and cons of several categories like aesthetics, cost, and community vibe. In the end, you’ll get the answer you need and you’ll be able to decide on dorms or co-living. After that, the easier part is getting any kind of help when moving, as a reliable moving company can provide you with that.

Advantages and disadvantages of dorms and co-living

In general, the co-living option is a lot more flexible and doesn’t require any long-time commitments. Besides that, the rooms are well-equipped and fully-furnished, meaning that you’ll get anything from good wifi to toilet paper. Also, co-living companies can offer community events for residents, but keep in mind they don’t have to be students. So it’s going to be harder to make friends with any student, as other co-living residents can be young professionals, or freelancers or anyone else, for that matter. Of course, you should keep in mind that it does depend on the specific school and the specific building. But, in general, dorms vs co-living, here are some main differences.

Standard student housing is focused on safety

Now, this doesn’t mean that co-living buildings are unsafe in any way. Actually, it’s just like living in any building without a doorman. On the other hand, security is very important to any educational facility. That’s why an ID is usually required to enter a college dormitory. In addition to that, many of them are manned by security staff.


If not bunk beds, college dormitories usually have twin beds. On the other side, co-living rooms have a full bed. But, there is an option to get a room with a twin bed if you need a lower rate. However, remember that with co-living, you have the option, that’s what’s different.

Extra supplies

If you choose student housing, you’ll have to get all the supplies yourself. This includes some kitchen equipment and other basic supplies. Besides that, students often do their cleaning. With co-living, the fee is all-inclusive, meaning that you’ll get pans, pots, toilet paper, and basically everything you need in order to live there. Without a doubt, co-living is quite convenient.


Without a doubt, co-living is superior, when it comes to aesthetics. And the reason is not that hard to understand as co-living apartments have to attract people. That’s why they offer, not only basic housing but a lifestyle. College housing on the other hand is not the goal, the goal is education. So, in dorms, it’s all about practicality, meaning that those ugly chairs can withstand a lot of things.

Toilet paper.

When co-living, you won’t have to worry about toilet paper


Both co-living and student housing can give you the opportunity for the community that NYC student needs. However, if you’re leaning towards co-living, think about finding a place close to your college or university. In case od college or university residences, you are definitely going to live with students. However, with co-living, there’s a good chance that your roommates are not going to be students. While it does take some time adapting to living with 3 roommates, the question is will this be easier, if your roommates are students. Easier or not, a dorm full of students will provide an immersive experience that you might not get otherwise. This way, it might be easier to become a part of the tribe and get important information on the test and exams, which might actually be crucial to your studying there.

Your choice to make

So, dorms vs co-living, which one is better? This decision will be only your to make. Co-living will give you a taste of what adult, yet still student life feels like, while college residence is all about student life. Either way, you’ll have to learn some important lessons, like how to save money as a student. But, just like all the NYC students, you’ll have to choose your own experience.