An Eco-friendly Move

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Move

During the moving process, a lot of plastic bags, moving boxes, tape, and other packing supplies are thrown away and hurting the environment. If you do care about our planet being healthy and clean, we have some green moving tips for you. Here are ways to reduce the harmful effects and have an eco-friendly move when you are packing for college.

Declutter your home wisely

Relocation to another home or to college is the perfect chance to declutter and get rid of the things you no longer use for various reasons. Also, fewer items bring you more space at your new home and lower moving costs. However, don’t just throw the old items away and hurt the environment. There are other ways to do it – the green way. Check what are the items you would throw away before you move, and decide if you can:

  • recycle – if an item is broken or too old, you can always recycle it instead of throwing it away.
  • sell – you can organize a garage sale or sell items on Craigslist and even earn some money for the move.
  • donate – find a charity or someone who needs help and donate clothes, toys or anything somebody else would put in good use.
recycling - an eco-friendly move

Recycling your old items is a small step to an eco-friendly move

Pack your items in an eco-friendly way

The biggest and the most common environmental mistake is spending too much of the packing material. And the even bigger mistake is throwing those away. You can always use the packing supplies that are environmentally friendly and have an eco-friendly move. Be sure to get:

  • cardboard boxes – try to find boxes that are already used. Cardboard boxes can be used up to 7 times, so be sure to re-use them if you get new ones for your an eco-friendly move.
  • green packing protection – there are packing wraps and peanuts that are made of recycled materials and less harmful effect on the environment. Furthermore, you can use some of the items you have at home to protect fragile when packing. Use your towels, clothes, blankets, pillows – you will save your space and protect your items the green way.
  • plastic bins – plastic bins can be used a lot of times. If you have one of these, you can use them after the move to store some of the items. Also, you can rent these bins, and simply return them after you finish.
  • your house items can serve as packing supplies – you don’t need to use only moving boxes to pack your items for relocation. to have an eco-friendly move, use your suitcases, bags, toy/jewelry boxes, dresser drawers, etc. Anything can be a storage container if you pack it properly.
cardboard boxes for an eco-friendly move

Used boxes are a great way to have an eco-friendly move – you can rent them or ask your friends to save you theirs

Don’t make too many trips

Try moving your items using the shortest distance possible, without making too many back and forth trips. This way you will reduce gas emissions from your car and have an eco-friendly move.

Hire a green moving company for an eco-friendly move

Some moving companies offer environmentally-friendly moving options you should definitely go for if you want an eco-friendly move. These companies can rent you plastic and cardboard moving boxes, use biodiesel fuel in their vehicles, etc.